The Salloum - Energy & Rhythm

The Salloum is an artist from Charlottesville, Virginia. He has a particular focus on creating a personal and distinctive blend of rap and R&B, going for a modern and punchy approach. His sound is highly energetic, yet it does not skimp when it comes to melodies and appealing hooks. His most recent release is a stunning new project titled “Energy & Rhythm,” which really feels like a huge step forward for this talented artist. The songs on this release are actually tied together by a much deeper concept, so much so that the artist even created a specific website for people who care to dive deeper into the mindset that fueled this music. What really stands out about this project is definitely the world-class combination of great production aesthetics and witty songwriting. When it comes to the sheer sonic quality aspect of “Energy & Rhythm,” it is safe to say that this release stays true to its empowering title. The instrumental mixes are very balanced and direct, with a deep low end and a crunchy mid-range that adds a lot of excitement to the tracks. In addition to that, the treble range is smooth and bright, adding a lot of silky edge to the mix allowing the vocals to really pop to the forefront of the mix. The Salloum is not afraid to push it to the limit when needed, but he also understands that at times, taking a step back is the best way to let the songs breathe.

Ultimately, fans of artists as diverse as Kendrick Lamar, Immortal Technique, as well as Lupe Fiasco are definitely going to enjoy this project! “Energy & Rhythm” is not just about entertainment, but is ultimately what real hip-hop should be all about: self-expression and respect for genuine connections through art, music, and life. These songs mark the beginning for a new chapter for this artist’s journey, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future! 

Salloum Provides Plenty of Food for Thought on New Project, ‘Energy & Rhythm’ 

Virginia-based MC Salloum’s work shines in its ability to stay relevant, versatile and true to self, while providing plenty of food for thought. His new album, ‘Energy & Rhythm’ is no different. Coming with thought-provoking lyricism over elite production, listen as the enlightened artist touches on current affairs, spirituality and the alien abduction phenomena, effectively opening eyes and giving listeners clarity as to what’s going on in the World today.

Energy & Rhythm’s potent intro, “Gamebreaker” featuring John E Mack sets the tone for the rest of the 21 track release, as Salloum lets his thoughts flow, straight into the consciousness of listeners. Overall, the project gives listeners a firsthand view into Salloum’s mind and thoughts on life’s mysteries. Whether he’s laying down resonate lines, crafting speaker-knocking bangers or just plain ol’ dropping knowledge, Salloum’s attention to detail and commitment to his craft are immediately apparent as soon as play is pressed. 

Where most artists shy away from speaking their truth in favor of clout chasing and padding their pockets, Salloum stays true to self, attacking every track with passion and skill reserved for only the most refined MCs. As a further evidence of Salloum’s thoroughness, he created a supplemental website, that includes supportive information on the theme of the project. There, intrigued listeners can find quotations, excerpts, an interview section and a well-written essay by Salloum in support of Energy & Rhythm’s concept. 

In an industry where most musicians play follow the leader, offering nothing new or original, Salloum comes through like a breath of fresh air, ready to change the game with truth, transcending typical boundaries placed on artists of today. No gimmicks. No clout chasing. No mumble. Just good music to spark minds and ignite change. Check for ‘Energy & Rhythm’ on Bandcamp and get familiar with Hip Hop’s next game-changer: Salloum.

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I'm feeling the project and the way you put knowledge on display, yet make it accessible and entertaining at the same time. You definitely did your thing! Keep on doing you! — KT

Salloum ‘Energy & Rhythm’ Album

Right out the gate, Salloum’s ‘Energy & Rhythm’ begins with a spark of the metaphysical. The intro track, ‘Gamebreaker’ is a full audio clip about otherworldly topics. Accompanied by a full website, ‘Energy & Rhythm’ is a project that details a level of depth easily forgotten today. ‘Join Us’, the first track, is a mission statement and call to arms, a spiritual anthem enveloped in passion. ‘Heart Of The City’ is a triumphant autobiographical banger consisting of an instrumental with a haunting piano loop, heavy drums, and blended synths on the hook. ‘Reagan’s United Nations (interlude)’ ties in the political with the conspiratorial; a chilling segue into ‘End Of The Road’, a track with a slight Hip-Hop-meets-Nu-Metal mellow alternative aesthetic. Famed comedian George Carlin has his own interlude again emphasizing the possible extraterrestrial influence on our society. ‘The Setup’ has a ghastly instrumental and even more altering lyrics exposing the esoteric to the listener. Epic, enlightening, intoxicating and energetic all describe ‘Energy & Rhythm’. Salloum delivers a Hip-Hop album that is a wealth of knowledge, an LP that can be studied like an ancient book holding the mysteries of time.

“Energy & Rhythm looks beyond the physical and into the spiritual; beyond the known, into the unknown, and transcends the self beyond the construct of old beliefs and definitions as yet another evolution of self...” 
These are the words of Salloum— an upcoming, Virginian star who approaches music with a seriousness you have yet to feel embodied within anyone else. For the Charlottesville artist, releasing twenty-one tracks wasn’t nearly enough. He felt divinely obligated to include an essay, quotes, and an interview alongside his new album; and this packaging is precisely what makes Energy & Rhythm a matchless, artistic experience. Ironically, the impact of this LP has already been conveyed with the aforementioned quote; in view of the fact that Salloum has truly created a transcendental work of art. The album is teeming with explosive rhythms, purposeful lyricism, and synth-heavy production. In certain aspects, it even emanates experimentalism, with Salloum bolting between charged, bar-filled verses and dreamy, auto-tune melodies. On every turn of this project, this Southern upstart challenges himself. Challenges his creative capacity by discovering different means of attacking the concept of “Energy & Rhythm”. The way Salloum answers this challenge, coupled with the sophistication behind its release, makes “Energy & Rhythm” worthwhile. As far as Alternative Hip-Hop goes, you will find no better a project, and no other artist whose reached such a climatic “evolution of self”. 

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Salloum – Energy & Rhythm

                Salloum brings philosophy with a hip-hop flavor on “Energy & Rhythm”. The kaleidoscopic array of samples that are scattered throughout the album gives into a sense of life and purpose. By far though, the heart and soul of the album rests with the incredible insightful lyrics that rest right at the heart of it all. With a loose approach and a strong emphasis on the extraterrestrial, it comes close to some of Sun Ra’s musings. On a sonic level, Salloum draws from those avant-garde members of the hip-hop community.

                The whole of the album reveals Salloum’s fresh flow. Highly articulate, he ruminates about conflict, how to find an inner peace, and the relationships we build among ourselves. By doing it with such care and compassion he crafts something that has an intimate approach to it. Everything about the album defies expectations, from the carefully produced beats to the samples with just the right amount of nostalgia inflected upon them. Every song builds off the last, making the album a fully unified and collective statement, one that lingers in the mind long after the album has ended.

                “Gamebreaker Feat. John E Mack (Intro)” starts things off on an atmospheric kick. With “Join Us”, Salloum offers an impassioned plea to find a greater calling. The grandeur of “Heart of the City” rests with the stately piano riff that radiates throughout the whole of the piece, getting warped and transformed in unexpectedly blissful ways. Easily the highlight of the album comes with the incredible “Life in The Moonlight”. Romantic yearning and a desire to rise above intermingles perfectly with the fiery arrangement aligned with nimble beats. Going for the direct is the powerful triumph of “Champ”. A giant ode comes with the colossal “The Pleiadians Message (Outro)”. Wrapping things up with light and optimism is “Dawn of Development”.

                With “Energy & Rhythm” Salloum crafts a message that transcends the traditional to go for something far more timeless and unique.

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Salloum Releases Anthemic & Uplifting Hip-Hop Single ‘Heart Of The City’
Up-and-coming hip-hop artist Salloum returns with an uplifting, intimate, and powerful single titled, ‘Heart Of The City’. The hip-hop single features soothing harmonies, a driving beat, an uplifting chord progression, and an anthemic vocal performance by Salloum. Starting with the melancholic piano melody that resonates throughout the entirety of the track, into the main driving beat, and the massive flow, ‘Heart Of The City’ has every element to hit the charts. Moreover, ‘Heart Of The City’ radiates an intimate, uplifting vibe. The arrangement of ‘Heart Of The City’ is unique and different from that of other hip-hop productions, giving Salloum’s flow another level of energy. Undoubtedly, the single can impact the listener as it contains a unique style and sound that gives the track an identity. The powerful and anthemic production of the single will take the listener into a musical journey. The track can resonate with any hip-hop aficionado as it has every element to be catchy, memorable, and impactful. 

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