Interview Questions
1) Speak on Energy & Rhythm's significance, and how things have evolved for you artistically in so far as the themes of your Music Series.
2) What's been the strategy behind your creative process and how you've been releasing your music since you began with Epitome Perennial 5 years ago?
3) Where do you get your inspiration? What does Hip-hop mean for you?
4) Your projects include essays, philosophies, and prose. How would you describe your writing style?
5How does Energy & Rhythm's lyrics fit with the theme of extra-terrestrialism? What is the linearity between the project's lyrics and theme regarding your aspirational "speaking into manifestation" lyrics, and the aliens' messages to humanity?
6) Regarding the change in your lyrics and your now more materialistically-imbued attitude, is The Salloum selling himself out?
7) Speak on the linearity of your Music Series.
8) Speak on the transition between Epitome Perennial to HollowDreamz to Energy & Rhythm as far as thematic concepts go.
9) You rap, "sin and grace, yin and yang, all One in the same", we heard this line more than a couple of times on your project. "All is valid including the malice" is another line we heard in the song Life In The Moonlight. What do you mean by "valid"?
10Your song Ride With You, is it about alien abduction, or the unknown?
11) Speak on Energy & Rhythm's red & violet front cover art and how you came up with the name for your project.
12) Speak on the effects and impacts of science and art, and how this project coalesces the two.
13) Describe the significance of your Music Series, and the foreseeable impact you would like it to have.
14From a religious perspective, regarding The Pleiadian Message, how do you reason the creator Gods, specifically plural, and Allah as being the sole Creator of humanity? How do you bridge the gap between the singular and the plural of the two?
15) Why haven't you been collaborating with music artists?
16) Any last words?

1) Speak on Energy & Rhythm's significance, and how things have evolved for you artistically in so far as the themes of your Music Series.

At the surface level, first and foremost, two goals and objectives in mind which I had when creating Energy & Rhythm was to ensure that my writing was reflected in the simplicity of my lyrics. In this sense, what makes Energy & Rhythm stand out from the dynamics of Epitome Perennial and HollowDreamz is that the lyrics and my songs are simpler and more understandable to the listener.

Energy & Rhythm signifies the end of my Music Series. In a sense I'm now liberated to create music from a place of the here and now rather than through collection and interpretation and projected analysis envisioned prior. This will breath new life into my creative process after Energy and Rhythm. I look forward to expanding philosophically, spiritually and artistically, for each of my projects serves as a representation of chapters and periods in my life, holistically speaking. Such representation will still be expressed, but on a more direct and micro level through individual songs being the unique focus, as opposed to a whole multi-song conceptual project.

Ultimately, I have created Hip-hop music projects via my experiences. Life philosophy was also added to portray the experiences in more complete ways. I created a website for each project and wrote the informative essays as well as incorporated the knowledge from various sources - ranging from passages to quotations. I obtained leasing contracts for the productions used and I wrote the lyrics and essays, recorded the songs, configured the websites & incorporated the additional knowledge. All of these facets have formulated linearities and cyclical parallels between Epitome Perennial and HollowDreamz and Energy & Rhythm, through the specifics each project contains therein, and how it fits into the larger spectrum of the existential experience, journey, pathway and trajectory I've lived thus far.

Debut Project: Epitome Perennial (2013)
Philosophy incorporated: Perennialism
Essay: The Stature of Universality
Website with original content, essay, knowledge:

Second Project: HollowDreamz (2014)
Philosophy incorporated: Ubuntu
Essay: The Spring of Individuality
Website with original content, essay, knowledge:

Third Project: Energy & Rhythm (2019)
Philosophy incorporated: Taoism
Essay: The Encompassment of All
Website with original content, essay, knowledge:

In terms of what Energy & Rhythm represents, all is made up of energies and rhythms. From the most basic of existences comes the atom, imbued by the force of vibration and frequency. I think intention is the underlying law of creation and the universe, more so than mathematics, meaning the Universal Intelligence factoring the creative energies of manifestation, and karma if you want to take it there, judge on intention more than plain-level action. Intention reflects where one's heart is, action being a by-product of the mind's reading of the heart’s intention. So for me, Energy & Rhythm is me speaking into existence my ideas, aspirations and goals.

Overall, Energy & Rhythm is the release point. It's the springing upward, and into of ; my release point into the world of ebb and flow, beyond thought construct, reverberating into the committal-aspect of intentional living. My Music Series has created a foundation for me to spring from, and it is furthermore up to me to flow, expand and manifest from that point onward. What will be created in the end is not known exactly, but I'll fill the role of the voids with the aptitude and energies I've been blessed with as I carry on living, and as time progresses with the Truth becoming younger leading to my fateful choices unveiling the story-line life I've endeavored to commit to. To have the autonomy and authority to commit is the first step, as represented through HollowDreamz being the alpha.

For me, and my philosophy, and tradition, Islam through the eyes of HollowDreamz prompts my use of truth-telling by the outsider, the one who has been alienated. The champion of the alienated, in terms of rights and well-being, constructively, is that of the 'Epitome Perennial' stature. Moreover, the continual theme in all of my projects is the struggle (jihad) within of my own ego, and sometimes arrogance - it being the root for conflict in most all traditions. My Music Series is an example of, and sets the foundation toward the empowerment of thyself through the projected honesty of my capacity to reflect upon and set forth the standards dictating my capacity to make choices on matters adequate to my own stage of development, both spiritually and worldly.

My music series enables me to, as an individual, live through my own decisions toward attaining inner freedom according to integrity. I input time and mental energy in the creation and conceptual clarity of my projects, and feel I've received a fraction of the input created, in the output. But so it is when you create the base foundation of a projected 'hero' story. It is really depicting the setting up of the foundation of my interpersonal-self in contrast-standing to the world. For more details on the linearity of my music series and what it all means, visit EP-HD-E&R page.

2) What's been the reasoning behind your creative process and how you've been releasing music since you began with Epitome Perennial 5 years prior to now finalizing Energy & Rhythm?

For my first three projects, known as my "Music Series", I was focused on quality and developing my vision for self, parallel with the real life experiences I was dealing with as a late-teen and young man. It was about evolving and defining my vision for self, who I am, what matters in life, what inspires me, and how all of that calculates into existence itself - a means of serving a life of purpose beyond myself. This was specifically notated and exhibited via each conceptual project I released at such particular points in time. The importance of this was that it gave my life, my musicianship, and my self-identity a sense of control and understanding, whilst unveiling the conscious purposefulness met with and defined as, during each stage.

My Music Series projects serve as a foundation for research and exploration, both emotionally and intellectually. I organized my ideas, my experiences, my thoughts; all of which being universal to the human experience, and I added real-life philosophies tantamount to the scenarios constructing the emotions I felt, placed on display knowing deep down I cannot be the only one dealing with these transcendental questions of self regarding micro-identity, macro-existence and cosmic purpose. And such inter-relatedness has proven itself true through the many excerpts, quotations, and additions I discovered and ended up incorporating; perennial questions that so often surround one who examines one's self on the journey toward "knowing thyself" so as to create one's most optimal version of self for reasons of qualitatively contributing to our existence here on Earth, individually and communally.

Much time was spent planning my long term path two to five years in advance, in terms of the goals I'd set to accomplish in the projection of my future. The downside was I wasn't releasing music on a consistent basis so momentum was inevitably lacking because I was still in a zone of discovery and seeking rather than harvest-yielding. Thy Music Series has been an essential initial step and setup. I wouldn't trade or change anything for the way things have manifested themselves thus far. All seemingly perfectly timed at a speed attuned to my own sensibilities and level of maturing.

3) Where do you get your inspiration?

I get inspiration from a linear and a cyclical vision I have for self, inspired by the knowledge and perceptive awareness and information I come across that resonates most consciously with me. Such is what has constituted the crux of thy Music Series. The inspiration comes from the utmost potential in impact I envision my talent to have, and the meaningfulness of my blood heritage as well as my American citizenry, and the passion I have in the message I give through the channels that resonate most within my intellect and imagination - both of which being my two most empowering faculties for producing original ideas. This further resonates with the present condition and environment and aptitude that prevails in the modern world where I find myself, and what is prized both commercially and humanisitically, thereby signifying the potential for me to live out the "American Dream" under such standards I hearken for self in alignment with the most basic foundation of who I am and what I innately represent. The "American Dream" being the ability to make a good living doing something that also allows me to express self using my talents and the unique perspective and take I have on the world based on information and experiences I've come across, and spreading that message for the betterment of witnesses and observers alike. I do not have the absolute answers all of the time, thus it is a learning experience and a life-long exploratory unveiling and evolutionizing process of sorts, led by my curiosity, making things all the more enchanting.

And yet, something about journaling my experiences, both literally, and via the output of my creative projects contained into websites, carries a feeling of utmost importance and significance for me. I think the sharing of knowledge and information is a very valuable offering to give to the world. I also think of it as duty for us all to stay in tact with our own journeys, so as to know the progress and advancement we have made, whether for better or worse being the subjectivity of it all (see: The Encompassment of All), and to share or present that, or those things, which may assist and help anyone elsewhere during whatever time period - as that is the crux characteristic that the power of Truth carries in and of itself. In my opinion, this creates an ever-evolving and upwardly-constructive karma which I believe also creates a flow of trust and openness, whether directly or indirectly, and at the end of the day helps to eliminate fear, especially of the unknown, thereby indirectly alleviating the judgments we place not only on others, but on ourselves, fore-mostly. If we can eliminate fear, even if but on a small scale, then such ripple effect has potential to create waves in the long run, at which point we are left with only laziness as the only reason for not succeeding (rather than fear).

We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity. -Malcolm X

Sometimes, inspirations channel through me, words and expressions emitted. Other times, it comes from experiences lived spurring my need to express. Ofttimes I revolve it around a certain purpose or ideal, a message. Energy & Rhythm, for instance, is me re-calibrating myself. It is my, "Is there where I want to go?" questioning and formulation. For Energy & Rhythm, I grew out of my HollowDreamz mentality and sprouted anew through wisdom, courage and action. The Will to Power, as Nietzsche would call it. It's the principle of Life. Energy & Rhythm says, "point towards where light begins, [and] darkness ends", as in where fear diminishes and hope prevails. It is a powerful meaning to come by. We all go through ups and downs. But either we die and rot, or keep evolving. The caveat is to transition and evolve into a space of your choosing, rather than from a reactionary point of view based on pre-existing constructs debilitating one's free will and choice, from the basis of fear or distraction or lack of creative processing due to one's conformed ways of thinking (see: The Spring of Individuality).

If we can be conscious of our evolution and dictate our journey in life with a productive constancy, then there is no limit and anything is story-line possible. The means toward accomplishing such is to understand that energies and rhythms are just that  only energies and rhythms, that can be accepted, rejected, manipulated or made void. Nothing should be feared in that regard. Then you are left with self-belief and confidence to make the most of your existence. The only thing holding one back then is knowledge and information. But with the internet, that too isn't far from attainment, especially when books are at one's disposable in all of the free public libraries and bookstores across America nonetheless. The importance of education speaks for itself in that regard; think: self-knowledge, more poignantly than reflexive regurgitation.

Truthful speech in the service of well-being is an ultimate aim as a writer and personified brand in this world-cultural industry and canvas of life. I was an emcee first. Then I became a rapper, the difference being one as constituting the essence, and the other constituting the product-based-branding amidst the scheme of business industry. I have refined the art and craft of wordsmithing to a certain extent. I basked in the intellectual viewpoint for the culture. Evolution is now progress in adapting onward to another sphere, a more personal self-imaged persona and brand #SotA. As I continue to learn, and then use my music as a means to present what gems I deem worth noting.

The right to search for truth implies also a duty; one must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true. -Albert Einstein

It is a symbiotic relationship, my music and my learning. Music is my chosen avenue of expressing myself wholesomely and fully. Music prompts from within me my own sense of creationism and enthusiasm, and inspires me in a particular direction. Yet first and foremost, I do not base my learning off of music, in so far as I learn first and then apply what I have inferenced in my mind, to the music. I like progress and improving myself and my intelligence. Awareness and knowledge, as well as athletics. That thirst to know, coming from not knowing, such divide, when bridged, is a source of signified importance. It empowers with a sense of self-regard and connectivity and yet my music can teach me via the way the crowd reacts to my creations. This gives more awareness helping me to learn what works and what doesn't which ultimately contributes to my ability to create works of concept, and constructive waves of energy as a result.

Awareness allows you to be calm and free to choose reality whereas ignorance causes you to be unstable and moved by impulses. He that deviates out of the way of understanding ends up in the congregation of the dead.

At around the same time that I was recording Energy & Rhythm in early 2018, I had at one point been kicked out of my parents' home and left to sleep in my car. I in-turn made the choice to begin volunteering at a local day-shelter known as The Haven as a means of looking beyond and outside of self for the sake of my own well-being. I knew nothing about Mr. Shadyac until I began volunteering at this shelter he'd founded shortly following his stint of directing the movie, Evan Almighty. I did some more research and began watching interviews, lectures, his documentary "I AM", and read his book, "Life's Operating Manual", all of which resonated deeply with the concept of Energy and Rhythm in terms of the environmental awareness and reflective analysis it provided on the state of affairs we as a species on this planet have been experiencing.

Such information additionally spoke cumulatively toward Epitome Perennial's concept of universality, and HollowDreamz's concept of authenticity by one being an individual rather than conforming the self for the sake of being at the mercy of others' judgments, which sort of creates this fear cycle that leads to many other inequities and debacles for us as spiritual beings. This extended into Energy & Rhythm, which is "living" your truth and how that in effect intertwines with bettering the world at the macro-level once the inner micro-self is calculated (via HollowDreamz). Thus tying it all together in the end, by means of Epitome Perennial representing the omega of Universality, and the cause up-taken for a better world in conclusion.

I furthermore consciously remember choosing to want to volunteer at The Haven as a means of my testing the Universe's ability and promise to deliver on the message and Universal Law of giving. That if you give, you will receive inevitably beyond that which was given. I was in a place of need. I needed money, a job, and for about 3 months I was just unable to find any work. So in order for my blessings to flow in, I had to let go - and what better way, I thought, than to be of use to those often most foresaken, without the need or want of expecting anything specific in return, nonetheless inherently not even understanding what realistically could even be granted while keeping in mind whether such law of giving would result in serendipitous abundance at one time or another. Beyond this experiment, I also wanted to challenge myself to realize how blessed I am with what I do have, even if down and out for but a moment; still young, without illness, and much energy,- to really place myself around those who did not have as much as myself really put light on the amount of abundance I contained, despite the situational hardship placed upon me at that moment in time.

The gift of my presence/artistry is that I accept everybody for who they are. From John E. Macks' published research to my friend's perspective, to Presidents and social leaders, to entertainers, and socio-pathic criminals; and this reflects me searching for truth. This isn't about political correctness or accredited reputation or credentials, but rather first-hand experiences and genuine and unique judgments based on perspective and reasoning and consciousness; not institutionalized man-made, agenda-driven acceptance. All of my Music Series projects thus far, the concepts, have reflected the idea of unity and wholesomeness and oneness. Of not just empathy, but of philosophy and nature. I aim to serve as such good intent is apt to be made beneficial to my soul and to theirs. Truth, goodness, and beauty leading to faith, service of others.

What does Hip-hop mean to you?
Hip-Hop is a world civilization selected for participation by those gifted with the talent for its expression. Hip-hop influences culture in all facets, from sports to fashion, from music to politics to art, as well as on socio-economic levels through the billion-dollar industry that it is. Hip-hop has also helped shape the minds of the youth, whether for better or worst, and has created some of the most ingeniously expressive and complex forms of poetry and movements (1:51:00) possible for those in their teens and young adolescence. Hip-Hop has created something out of pure thought. It is a gift to humanity from the divine essence, born in New York City out of those with Afrikaan heritage which is now known to be the birthplace of all of humanity. And yet Hip-hop's essence and formulation transcends beyond boundaries, making it raceless, nation-less, and heritage-less. Respect (or lack-thereof,- judgment) you'll often hear is based upon one's skill-level rather than race or social caste. This means all are invited, but only those gifted enough with originality and/or skillsmanship may become great at it; great being separate from what is propped onto a mainstream pedestal.

Hip-hop culture champions the self first and foremost, through its 5 presented elements, or "means" of becoming. In fact, being yourself is the only way for one to truly earn their legacy and respect in any field. You do not have to go to school to do Hip-hop. You do not have to have a certain amount of money to be eligible for making millions of dollars through one or more of its elements. What you need is skill, talent, work ethic, authenticity, and perhaps the most important of all - courage. Courage to express yourself and to overcome all doubts and rejections that accompany such self-defined heroism.

Being meaningless is the greatest gift life can give you so that you can determine how you experience life with your capacity to be a co-creator with all that is. To define your reality as uniquely your own, so that you can experience in a way that you prefer to, in a way that is aligned with your truth, your true self. And then finding yourself in a life of harmony, creativity, love, synchronicity, and then recognizing that that is the way life can be if you define it as such. Reality is the product of your core belief, your core definitions of what is true to you. [...] The belief to be able to change, is the key that unlocks you from any particular belief, and allows you to experience your life in an aware reality that allows you to choose what you will experience. You can easily replace beliefs and generate a reality more in alignment with your preference. This is all energy in motion, simple physics. Paradox is your balance. It lets you know, you are where you need to be. That becoming aware of your polarity, that you are in charge, it is coming through you, from you.

Hip-Hop is the leading culture of this new generation. Rappers are not only the new rock stars but the culture they represent represents proclivities and influence over the world's industries at an indirect level. The world's leading industry titans, the new politicians, the new athletes, the new film directors and movie stars are all acquainted in some form or fashion with the culture of Hip-Hop because Hip-Hop is an art-form of human living. As for the people who say we need more conscious rap in the mainstream and on radio, I believe there's much conscious rap out there, but what we need more of is more original and awe-inspiring styles of conscious rap. Then conscious rap will hit that mass appeal level more and more. We need that which cannot be denied cause of how awe-inspiring it is. Such is the challenge I uphold as my duty to self; a constant learning process of self, shared through the music.

4) Your projects include essays, philosophies, and prose. How would you describe your writing style?

When creating I always put the music first, then the lyrics. What comes later is the website content including the essay, philosophical incorporation, and otherly excerpts and quotations. The content part comes naturally. The music recording process is my primary goal and proves as the aspect needing the most effort and at-bats until successfully bestowed. In this sense, I've always been a writer before a recording artist. As far as my development as a writer  essay writing, poetry and lyrics, and my journal entries are the three primary factors and forces of my style. I've recorded journal entries on a consistent basis over the past decade (starting in 2008) during my first year in college. This journal compendium consists of approximately four categories: "book/lecture knowledge", "personal reflections", "my ideas", "famous ppl quotations". The "personal reflections" aspect of my journal constitutes the most pages. As far as my gift for rhyme, it's more so a gift of rhythm, flow and cadence. I think anybody can rhyme, but rhythm and cadence is unique to each individual. Refining it, and using words that are of no waste and really hit the head of getting one's emotions and point across in an effective and poignant manner is where the hours of practice significantly improve one's abilities.

I mix my intellect with my talent and characterize myself as an intellectual-creative. I think intellectual-creativity is potent, and serves as a new type of expression that artists and rappers who have actual movements within the culture of Hip-Hop will benefit from in bringing change on a tangible level. We've heard millions of stories and expressions, but how many actually reasoned and taught and schooled on the why, what, when, where, and how's of such experiences directly? Whose insights provided revelations and logical articulation that gave actual knowledge and awareness and wisdom to listeners? I think this is what represents Hip-hop's utmost potential at the socio-political level, and that was what the direct aim of Epitome Perennial's message was relaying - Hip-Hop music to inspiring words of justice. It's what Hip-Hop represents to me in its finest form.

The world is filled with information. Lots of information without context creates a vacuum lacking in informed awareness. I seek to reveal certain bits of information that draws a picture to reveal some truth. That's the standard and aim when I think about art, and great art specifically. How the world should work based on what does and doesn't matter is what creates a valuable story. To transcend this into the movement of an artist, now we're talking Hip-Hop's essence of entertainment and education. My goal is to bridge that gap. I provide information, but also an expansion of understanding  a self-transcendence, via a linear and cyclical existence of sorts, as defined by my own unique path and journey.

The evolution of humanity can proceed only through the evolution of a certain group, which, in its turn, will influence and lead the rest of humanity.

We can experience life all we want, but if we're not actually aware of where we've come from and of how we've come to be, then the vision of self and society at large may very well become convoluted and lost, at which point we begin to lose our own moral and ethical compass because we no longer stand on a steady foundation of identity binded by a God-conscious purpose, "God-conscious" being the essence of our origins (or inception of being). A goal of my Music Series has been for me to sail with courage and a vision led by some form of idealism and integrity so as to unveil the reasons I'm uniquely here in this moment in time, with the faculties granted, and what the blood and brawn of identity defines as in the grand scheme of workings.

My Music Series projects have allowed me to consciously live out my purpose; have allowed me to unearth and mold my identity via the experiences and people I've come across along the way. It is about reaching that high-point where you can find your best self within such journeying and challenging heights. Again, it is to live a proactive existence formulated around curiosity leading to purpose, based upon unique aptitude and attributes granted unto the self - governed for being utilized. I include reasoning and some theory and science into aspects of my thematic writings and projects. Such themes and concepts run parallel, linearly, and cyclically to one another at a deeper level, inevitably. Such has been my Music Series. For Energy & Rhythm, my lyrical theme and the concept in general reflects the power to perceive, choose, act; the power to experience, to reflect, to learn; the power to grow, to transcend, & to sometimes, and the most mysterious of all, to forget.

The Origin of the Human Race.mp3

5) How does Energy & Rhythm's lyrics fit with the theme of extraterrestrialism? What is the linearity between the project's lyrics and theme regarding your aspirational "speaking into manifestation", and the aliens' messages to humanity?

Energy and Rhythm's theme of there being an unknown phenomena with my own personal lyrical plot of me rapping from the perspective of "going-for" and speaking into existence the attainment of certain aims, how these two are bridged is that when you don't know something you're not influenced by it, thus you're able to concoct such reality within self more effortlessly. And yet when there isn't sufficient evidence, but you do know that something is happening but you're still unsure, if you yourself can make it happen for self (i.e. speaking to the lyrics of my project) then that unknown variable-probability is articulating itself still in a real fashion based upon the indirect truths that are being presented, very very similar in conjunction and in parallel with these abductees who do not have the physical proof yet have the emotional wherewithal and evaluation and trauma of their experiences associated with such reality and it being real, similar to the gut-feeling of one's self (i.e. now speaking of the lyrics of Energy and Rhythm) in being able to manifest into the corporeal one's ideal vision for self, goals, aspirations, desires; of course, attainable only through the energies and rhythms that align to help create that metaphysical reality so as to attract it's occurrences.

This can furthermore be fathomed in the perception that "knowledge is power", thereby with the knowledge that you know, you are able to manifest certain things, and with the knowledge that you do not know, you are able to learn and create certain things that must be created for you to thereby know. In other words, if one already had all of the answers, then we wouldn't have to do much creating because we would just go to what works, but since we do not have all answers and do not "know", we are left to innovate and create in a way where naivety can make the impossible possible as opposed to the one who already knows - his mind is not as open and malleable to possibilities of fruitioning, nor as creative or as innovative as a child's mind made up of imagination and possibilities. Thereby he is self-limiting himself with the knowledge he contains, as opposed to, ironically, the lack of knowledge that enables the know-how to be developed in a dynamic and genius-wherewithal way by those who do not have such already-established "knowledge" and "know-how" to limit their potential impact and effect.

All improvement is dependent upon you seeing yourself as being greater than you are. Then your potentials stir within you and your creative capacities unfold. — Raymond Charles Barker

Moreover, only those who know that the true nature of reality is mental can perceive it, thus then seemingly humanity is not yet fully ready to accept the existence of aliens and UFOs. The agenda of these aliens is to help humanity evolve spiritually, according to witnesses. Some are here to assist in the ascension of Earth's consciousness. I think the signs are around us that indeed something is here, from the Roswell mystery to the Buzz Aldrin audios and interviews, to the grey alien being having it's own emoji on everyone's iPhone and Android keyboards, to the various stories spoken of by sound minds over the many years by folks of different origins and social classes, to the unidentified objects seen by airplane and air force pilots... Their constant interactions with humans indirectly calls for an opening-up of our minds to worlds beyond the one we already know. Something which I find to be a grand advancement with potential for profound impacts in the long-run, as touched upon in "The Encompassment of All" essay.

Ultimately, I think such, by default, leads to fusion; fusion serving as the foundation to the future. The world is becoming smaller through the internet, but fusion outside of our world will also greatly transcend that which our world is made up of. So as to interrupt d'evils and to help transform through upheaval, in a sense. That's the sequel of where we are headed. As for John E Mack, his depth of empathy, comprehension and courage in exploring these realities and experiences of high-strangeness are needed qualities among the intellectual and scientific world. To challenge our current paradigm where notions of questioning and undiscovered curiosity leads, is an extravagant command no matter how heretical or iconoclast it may be, especially when it regards the way we view the world, in this case, leading to an expansive awareness of possibility and potential through fortitudinal fearless thinking based solely on observation, analysis, and evaluation. Above all, Dr. Mack's sincerity in hearing these people out was his most important characteristic. Both of his books on the topic, "Abduction" and "Passport to the Cosmos", were profound readings, and that's not to mention the status he achieved prior for his writings on T.E. Lawrence resulting in a Pulitzer Prize for Literature in `76.

I think John E. Mack, M.D. was very courageous to take this topic on. I think down the road in who-knows-how-many years, he'll be looked upon as a visionary by the populace - by all of us. — Randall Nickerson

It is my duty to attain toward the highest standard of life I can achieve for myself and community at large, and my lyrics represent such for self and others inter-personally, on the micro-level if you will, while the project's overreaching conceptual message represents such aims for humanity as a whole, toward a macro-level of high-rising awareness. This is me changing, evolving, and realizing the power of monetary gain and it's efficient impact upon the world when done from a place of service in benefit of and contributing toward the universal greater good; a form of social enterprise if you will. I do not care much for financial comfort as much as I care for the character building it contributes in the attainment of it. As Rohn has said, 

"Set a goal to become a millionaire for what it will make of you to achieve it". 

In touching more upon the topic of money, we can help many people in the form of charity, or better yet, social enterprise, through our time, efforts and knowledge, so why not add financial assistance to that equation as well. The wealthier one is the greater one's ability to tangibly assist and build infrastructure for others. So, including the ability to help others, with finances one is able to do much. I view such, from my current viewpoint, as a win-win-win, through and through. Lest you drown yourself in the dangers of greed and vice. In the end, money is respect. Who is Trump without his brand? Money is power. Money is freedom. Money is more time. Money is access into certain endeavors of aptitude. Money generates publicity, and/or thus influence in a world driven by internet marketing, whether for social media, eCommerce, or other.

Some races may subjectively deem to do "better" than others in "contributing" effectively to the world and society in so far as 'civilization' is concerned - think first world countries versus third world countries-, but in so far as to how much we do to continue the detriment of such pervasive behavior by not lending a helping hand nor allowing for opportune exposure for improvement, growth, and advancement is a social problem the whole world in all of its areas and villages and cities deals with at a macro and micro level. The macro-level is USA vs Iran. The micro-level is the homeless man being ostracized by the commoner, or the working-class immigrant or "other" being over-looked by the "well to-do". Well then, how high a standard does the businessman truly have over his poor brethren? If standards create a world of causation and attitudinal potential - then the poor may ultimately rise in their greatness through their morals, character, and high standards of conduct on the spiritual plane of existence (opposite that of hoes, drugs and schemes for materialism and financial redeeming), which in turn creates an ability to live in a different world. And in fact, how advanced are we as a species when we destroy a gem of a planet such as Earth through the greed and over-consumption and war-mongering ways we unfathomably commit to on a daily basis for the benefits of self via over-zealousness, whence we have met our survival needs long ago, hence now formulating our mental states into being in competition with those who are doing as well as us, or just about as well. We find ourselves exploiting furthermore those in detriment by taking advantage of, through the knowledge, wherewithal, and means we carry out.

Under such construct, indeed, why then should everybody be treated the same? To the point of an acquaintance of mine, RBS III, he claims society is based upon pillars of "standards". What one race does and does not do is often a reflection of the whole - and such prejudice or respect is solely based upon the standards one race holds into account for itself. Thus, history proves to show that the Brits have done well for themselves - the number of writers, politicians, generals/navel men, poets, and philosophers/thinkers that Britain has inculcated, has historically placed such heritage of peoples high-up on the totem pole of "worthiness" and admiration in so far as "civil" contribution is concerned. And yet each race and peoples have their day. The Arabs certainly had theirs when they were historically at the forefront of science, mathematics, astronomy, and more. And the same with the Africans, Native Americans, Mongols, Turks and more. Thus where does the line draw for us to begin to show empathy for the 'other', but through understanding, if not at least "sympathy" - though sympathy indeed is of a perspective deemed 'superior' in nature, as opposed to empathy - seen from an eye-to-eye viewpoint rather than the sentiment of looking-down-upon, as found with sympathy.

With regards to the topics of equality, the world's state of affairs, the universe, love, war, and cosmic universality by extension of exploration  first and foremost, equality is that state in which everybody receives identical treatment. Do I believe in equality? Hardly, under the current construct of social and sovereign infrastructural and institutionalized workings on the international level of foreign affairs and politics and economics at large. The fact of the matter is, true equality in our world as a whole is hard to come by. And that in and of itself takes away from the validity of "equality" since its relevance and significance in constancy-of-practice is limited and quite far-fetched under many humanistic circumstances which scenarios tend to prompt such nefarious tendencies out of. Equity is easily more relatable and realistic and pragmatic than equality; everybody has their piece to be, their lane to fulfill in the broader sense of abilities and aptitude incurring the potential for contribution. 

The extreme opposites of equality are Nazism, racism, prejudice, and racial supremacy which by an extreme leads to institutionalized and infrastructural apartheid. I do not justify such treatments, however such treatments are much more liable to becoming the norm at the macro-level of a society, which then trickles downwards into the day-to-day micro-levels of human and individual contact. Systemic oppression creates interpersonal tensions. Whether interpersonal tension is what is causing systemic oppression is an additional valid point for discussion. However, the system is more powerful and way more absolute and institutionally-founded in a brick-and-mortar sense, when influencing human behavior, than is relations among folks and groups of folk. The macro influences the micro in that regard. And yet we are the system. The corporations and institutions are run and managed by people, or what seemingly are "people". Thus attitudes prevail, further reinforcing systemic workings, lest vanguards step-up to shake change through social reformation, directly or indirectly. But the schooling systems, the same systems to create copper busts of great men's faces with their physiognomies on display for all to witness, do not cultivate the wherewithal-individualism and creativity such men and women hearkened for themselves in thus becoming that which defined them and their supreme legacies in the contributions they offered. The irony is baffling (see: The Spring of Individuality).

So it is, survival of the fittest some would say, but such Darwinian theory and perspective is sinful for we are not animals but humans with intellect and God-conscious reasoning - so to degrade the mind and imagination and well-being of our own souls to that of an animalistic level of sex, digestive appetite, greed, and more pointedly, the exploitation of those weaker than us, is not only a disgrace to ourselves but it disgraces the communities we are a part of and the standing of Earth as a whole within the intergalactic society we are made up of and constitute therein -- despite whether we are aware of such existentialism or not. I am made aware of it. Though it has not yet been identified, time is the greatest revealer of truths and as time progresses truth becomes younger, indeed, but to look out and beyond ourselves is a great way to come back to the inner sanctums of our beingness with clarity and self-conscious equity in judging fairly who we are, what we've done, where we have come from, where we are headed, and what we may be able to do to right the wrongs we have committed so as to redirect our course toward that which is greater than us all.

Whatever you put into your mind has to go someplace and do something. By repetition the information goes into our subconscious mind and becomes a working part of who you are and what you believe. — Bruce Bryans

6) Regarding the change in your lyrics and your now more materialistically-imbued attitude, is The Salloum selling himself short?

My lyrics represent me reaching down to build wealth through an already established consciousness of Hip-hop so as to elevator-down to the floor-level of rap materialism and product-environment if I choose to, as a businessman, not forsaking the brand. All of this, being under the philosophical perspective and outlook of the importance of gathering wealth through my own rightful duty. Material wealth serves as an utmost test for thyself, and thus a realization of my own integrity and discipline and good-willed intention. A test that can easily lead toward wiles the way it does for so many who end up caught in the desires and fancies that come with such lifestyles. But with wisdom may I have the best of both worlds. Financial freedom has always been a goal. That's a testament to my belief to bring something of value to the world. Why not use innate talent, developed intellect, accrued intelligence, and vision to aim toward such abundant ends ever magnifying my true character in whatever shape it evolves toward. There is great revelation that comes through abundance just as there is with poverty. When I think about how fortunate I am to be an American citizen, living in a country with much opportunity and options for advancement of one's life, if one is but willing to put in the effort to achieve it would be selfish to settle at any level close to mediocrity otherwise. I believe in freedom of spirit, of maneuverability, of expression, and freedom through equity. It is to attain toward the highest standard of life I can possibly achieve, and even more so the inspiration and ability to then contribute to the communities I am a part of at large.

Energy & Rhythm serves as an experiment of testing: does me speaking my aspirations into existence carry weight in this ethereal world where "The Word" is an all-powerful force for manifestation? To be determined. But I'm not chasing after money so much as I am intently aiming to expand and thus then overcome challenges which lead toward abundance of spirit and heart, with business-like acumen, which, if accomplished in a correct way, can lead to tangible wealth. By default money is a by-product of the great freedom one achieves in the tangible form for expressing the self in a way deemed valuable by the marketplace, and to the world. My number one aim is to continue to add value to my life so as to provide value otherwise. That in turn will grant more opportunity to garner more value unto self, which in turn will then manifest into me creating more value for the world. It becomes a fruitioning cycle of abundance. What better way to define contribution, success, and accomplishment. To give insight and knowledge and love based upon the insight, knowledge, and love I've come across. How well I do is based upon my own energy and rhythms, and the means by which I'm able to effectively organize and contribute such knowledge so as to make it useful for those who pay witness to the journey, the reality, the vision, the story. Not only am I speaking words into existence but I'm servicing universal creation through a given vision constituted upon my spirit and intellect.

You have to begin to tell the story of your life as you now want it to be and discontinue the tales of how it has been or of how it is.

Hip-hop is more about attaining wealth. People respect success. They respect big. They don't even have to like your music. If you're big enough, people are drawn to you.  Jay Z.

On why wealth is important.mp3

Chamath Palihapitiya - Money is a Lagging Indicator of CHANGE.mp3

7) Speak on the linearity of your Music Series.

In each of my music projects, I am serving an idea and I am offering it to the world. That's the joy I get. I am inspired by all of that which you hear in my projects; the lyrics came from sources that influenced me, the music was made by producers who experienced a well of emotions and experiences in their multiverses that resonated with my own particular frequency; the philosophies, quotations, and additional excerpts creating the concept(s) are inspired by wells of knowledge and insights from other sources - discovered and articulated by other people. It's a combustion of inter-connectivity and associated-thinking which I think is most original, awe-inspiring, and constructive. I feel full of myself saying this about the creations I've been blessed to channel through and out to the world, but I say we should all feel full of ourselves. With humility is the correctness of being full of oneself. Humility and the attitudinal aptitude committed to serving.

First, let me once again note that my purpose is to serve as an example for how to live, but I can only achieve such if I first arrange how best to live myself. And I learn as I go, thus I share as I learn. Epitome Perennial is a stature worthy of aim with respect to the treatment of others. HollowDreamz should be each of our aims personally in developing ourselves utmostly, first and foremost, and should formulate the basis of our character, to always be independent-minded and never afraid to take on our unique paths in life, while being empathetic toward those who have committed evil against us to the degree that we are able to maintain control over our own circle of life with a commanded respect. My message for Energy & Rhythm is to always believe in self, the vision, and to take action. And to furthermore accept all that fruitions ~ both good and evil, for if we understand the deeper meaning that everything that exists exists with divine reasoning, and that good and evil is quite subjective in the grand workings, then we may traverse fluidly and unattached, accepting and adapting with a fresh slate mentality that this is all the Universe's works  with faith and inspiration and understanding and knowledge, rather than hate, resentment, and lack ~ all of which blocks channels of prosperity, happiness, and abundance.

All creation is for a wise purpose. But men do not usually realize or understand it, because they are steeped in their own arrogance, folly, or passions. Qur'an, 4717.

For me, the greatest movie, the greatest story I can tell is the one (I tell) of my (own) life. What story am I telling with my life? That is the question, answered by the journey into the unknown. My Music Series and the concepts involved speak to the cyclical qualities of the human condition. Knowledge is only a tool that I attempt to provide to help others live out their unique purposes; knowledge and experiences that I myself have been blessed to utilize toward my own wellness and advantage. I aim to dole out knowledge of self, not random information bits akin to mass media.

Wisdom is like gold because all decisions are based upon choices, and if we have the ability to make the right choice each time we enter a fork in the road, the formulation of our lives would be that much greater, even if things seemingly turn out for the "worst" in the eyes of society for a moment - deep within is the fulfilled knowing that what we choose comes from a place of correctness, integrity, and ethical and moral standards, which spiritually enlivens and strengthens. To not make choices out of fear, laziness or because of dogma, or because of others placing their judgments upon us - it is this freedom that creates a positive snowball effect throughout this short journey of life where we are tested and where convictions and innate passions and interests lead to fruitful ends.

Thy Music Series lays the foundation for my personal life, and I hope it will do the same for those who come to experience what I have been inspired to create for myself over a decade's long chapter in my life, which started in the Autumn of 2007 up until Autumn of 2019. The process of creating my Music Series projects was the process of creating my life's foundation. It fell in line and unfolded my own real life story and journey. The success and love received is only a byproduct. This is authentically by means of expressing myself to self, let alone the world. I use my talent for myself first and foremost. It was granted to me, to be utilized, for me. If the rest of the world can benefit, that's good - and proof that I formulated and found a way to divulge it in a constructive manner for the right reasons. I deem myself committed to these projects and my art, which I interpret to be a channel toward the ultimate goal which is the union between the material and the spiritual and the human and the divine. 

I believe that telling our stories, first to ourselves and then to one another and the world, is a revolutionary act. It is an act that can be met with hostility, exclusion, and violence. It can also lead to love, understanding, transcendence, and community. I hope that my being real with you will help empower you to step into who you are and encourage you to share yourself with those around you. — Janet Mack

Going from Sa1loum with Epitome Perennial, to Provocator with HollowDreamz, to Rap Millionaire with Energy & Rhythm was me evolving, defining, and creating self in the present and the future. Am I the revolutionary or am I the teacher? What is my style? Eventually, Energy & Rhythm is about me being all of it. I am box-less. I am this in one moment, and this in another moment. Whatever I am inclined to be, and act as, in the now,- it comes down to upholding faith for glory to manifest, by remaining true to self and not putting value in the shallow ornaments of dunya making for pettiness. Rather, utilizing such lifestyle for benefit and my own interpersonal evolution; one who is aware is enabled with such free-will choice.

Infinite Parallel Realities.mp3

Between HollowDreamz and Energy & Rhythm was a five year period in which I kick-started other endeavors: 
1) Penny Grind
2) Sam Jam
3) My Paper Maker
4) Sulay Tennis
5) Global Muslim Peace Movement (Muslim Public Opinion)
6) The Beat Service
7) Rap Song Reviews
8) Resolving Poverty

Epitome Perennial had me questioning why good people, leaders specifically, from different backgrounds are ending with the same fate of death, and so early in their lives. There's a systemic paradigm contributing to the destructiveness of the real and justified message of (moral) goodness that is presented to and amongst the people, against some of the systems of the world. There's an obvious discrepancy between correctness and the world's state of affairs. And in HollowDreamz, Manson follows such similar theme, except his is presented in the opposite spectrum, whereby destructiveness on his own accord is presented under such infrastructure, and the system exploits that for its own championing presence as illustrated in the outro, SilverLining. The system proves to use him as an example: to not test, to not push against, to not try to hearken self-isolating power because at a certain level you will be found, chewed, and spit for the rest to see,- something that seemingly occurs when you counter against the grain as told in the essay, "The Spring of Individuality". The grain survives off of conformity, even at the cost of Truth often, which means false lives are being led and prized, whether the effects are felt through psychological imprisonment or physically being placed into prison. What we witness in our selves and society in general is materialism over spirituality, spontaneity and the following of desires over the higher aims of purpose requiring discipline. Looking higher and beyond ourselves, aiming to overcome our own discrepancies of human nature and #sin is what the provision shall be. Click here (1:34:00).

If everything comes back to just trying to get a dollar the world is going to go down real quick and real hard.  AJ, from Keswick

And yet the true lives and authentic selves are deemed stars, only when they successfully prove themselves, as articulated in "The Spring of Individuality". Fame and fortune rewards the unique in the eyes of the herded masses. And that is an acknowledgment toward materialism, not spirituality, though it too can be an award of unique genius as in the form of writers, musicians, actors, and other industry vanguards. Yet, and however, the come up may be ostracizing and unforgiving, often echoing one's self in a lonesome state due to the natural social setup. This is the cost any person capable of becoming a leader must face and deal with within the self prior. The Irony is the strength by which such moments of time iron one's self into.

The world lives in a state of phoniness when materialism rules minds and lives, thoughts and ambitions. Self-respect becomes corruptible. We corrupt from within. Thus our external reality too becomes corrupt and destitute. Whatever notion for change, conscious expansion, and awareness may come, we shall ponder, investigate, and utilize for the benefit of all. Thus comes Energy & Rhythm with her theme.

All that you touch you change. All that you change changes you. The only lasting truth is change.  Octavia Butler

8) Speak on the transition between Epitome Perennial to HollowDreamz to Energy & Rhythm as far as thematic concepts go.

Energy & Rhythm's theme is about alien abductions and the unknown, and how all of this can have a positive impact on us individually and on society in terms of the "looking-outside-of-oneself" paradigm-shift that it creates. HollowDreamz was about the power of individuality and of knowing thyself. Epitome Perennial was about peace and unity among the various nations and races of the world; against injustice - an undeniable provision of human nature and the human condition.

Thy Music Series also represents "the gift and the curse"; it's benefit(s) and burden(s). Epitome Perennial is me giving the gift - the gift as being one part of "the gift and the curse" dynamic; the gift of the word, the gift of the talent. HollowDreamz was me showing the curse. Energy and Rhythm is me traversing the gift and the curse, finding the sweet-spot. SotA is, "OK, you've found the sweet spot, now you're fruitioning and rocket-launching forthrightly and forward". ... The gift and the curse, the alpha and the omega  it is always in the beginning where we have the most learning to do. It is the learning that comes from the hardship and from falling-short; such is where one learns the most from  failure. The gift is Epitome Perennial, as the omega, where in the end you figure self out. And en route to figuring yourself out is Energy and Rhythm which is the first 'causational-traversing', more pointedly with the right mentality and paradigm. It is the commitment made in the mind to now correctly traverse in the most operable way possible. SotA is the execution. SRiFD is the tweaking and the "more execution" of. DMind is the "nailing it down and execution" of furthermore. The Red One is commitment and execution  you are committed to the purpose and you're executing the purpose. And then it comes full circle back to Epitome Perennial. With much depth and wholesomeness - the art-form of a lifestyle unwitnessed prior. In essence, it is anybody's choice to listen yet it is my responsibility to know exactly what I am talking about and to project it correctly, through self-experience, understanding, and holistic knowledge.

How I bridge the gap between "all paths are equal" [E&R], and the extra-terrestrial concept [Dr. John E Mack],  & Charles Manson's message in HollowDreamz ["ATWA" (air, trees, water, animals and wildlife)] to make these all Linear with one another is that found therein is a paradox between Silver Lining and all paths being equal [Manson] ~ and yet what runs parallel to Manson's ATWA message is the research and the results of John E Mack's findings, which also reflects toward the tolerant message of all paths being equal and unabidingly valuable and infinite. That everything is valid (good, evil, taboo) ~ and that ALL IS ONE, and that "Valid" equates to "outside of scientific reasoning" [via the Extra-terrestrial phenomena], and that "Valid" too means to shatter limits placed upon ourselves, society, and dogmatic traditions we are continuously binded by. With that said, traditions place limits with goals and philosophical and existential aims in mind (or better yet, may help to protect), so in that regard discipline may sprout and with good cause and reasoning.

I have come to this conclusion from noting in case after case the extent to which the information communicated by alien beings to experiencers is fundamentally about the need for a change in human consciousness and our relationship to the earth and one another. [...] "designed" to bring about a kind of ego death from which spiritual growth and the expansion of consciousness may follow. [...] the UFO abduction phenomenon is taking place in the context of a planetary crises of major proportions. Human power and greed, made invincible by technologies that are ravaging the earth's environment, are bringing the planet's biosystems to the edge of collapse. [...] Abductions seem to be concerned primarily with two related projects: changing human consciousness to prevent the destruction of the earth's life, and a joining of two species for the creation of a new evolutionary form. [...] Virtually every abductee receives information about the destruction of the earth's ecosystem and feels compelled to do something about it. -John E. Mack (Abduction, 1994; pg. 399, 413).

All of this furthermore relates and runs in parallel to Charles Manson's message on HollowDreamz in the outro track "Silver Lining", including:

The abduction phenomena also seems to offer new perspectives on human destructiveness. The aliens, as illustrated, for example, in Peter's and Paul's cases, seem genuinely puzzled about the extent of our aggressiveness toward one another and especially our apparent willingness to destroy the planet's life. As Paul said when speaking from an alien point of view, "We don't understand why you choose destruction." Indeed, the extent of this destructiveness, as reflected to us from the alien vantage point, demonstrates the inadequacy of our biological and psychological theories of aggression and the need for a fresh look at this aspect of our individual and collective selves. "An organism that gets to be at such a degree of destruction should flip back and learn upon itself," Paul said. As one who has long studied the psychological consequences of the nuclear threat, I can only agree". 
— John E. Mack (Abduction, 1994; pg. 403).

The economic implications of the abduction phenomenon are inseparable from the political ones. The loss of a sense of the sacred, the devaluation of intelligence and consciousness in nature beyond ourselves, has permitted the stronger among us to exploit the earth's resources without regard to future generations. Growth without restraint has become an end in itself, as the reports of economic "indicators" endlessly intone, ignoring the inevitable collapse that cannot be far off if the multiplication of the human population continues unchecked and the pillaging of the earth does not stop. Furthermore, if the acquisitive impulse (euphemistically called "market forces") is not controlled, inequities in the distribution of food and other goods that do remain may deepen, giving rise to potential chaos and war without limits. The UFO abduction phenomenon [...] cannot, "save" us. But, [..] it seems to be intricately connected with the nature of human greed, the roots of our destructiveness, and the future consequences of our collective behavior. For the abductees, and the rest of us if we pay attention, the encounters are profoundly enlightening in the fullest sense. — John E. Mack (Abduction, 1994; pg. 411, 412).

Abductees come to appreciate that the universe is filled with intelligences and is itself intelligent. They develop a sense of awe before a mysterious cosmos that becomes sacred and ensouled. The sense of separation from all the rest of creation breaks down and the experience of oneness becomes an essential aspect of the evolution of the abductees' consciousness. [...] Finally, many if not most of the abductees with whom I have worked intensively come to feel that their enhanced spiritual awareness must be translated into some sort of teaching or higher purpose. Even as they are saddened, and even become hopeless about the ecology of the planet and the fate of the earth's life-forms, they feel that their experiences are, ultimately, about preserving life and that they must do something toward this end. [...] each feel that they have a particular mission or responsibility to teach a different sort of consciousness concerning the human place on Earth. [...] have even changed their jobs or are seeking to shift the direction of their work in order better to fulfill their life's new purpose. Peter envisions a future "Golden Age" of learning and opportunity, which he hopes to help bring about. 
— John E. Mack (Abduction, 1994; pg. 407-408).

The extra-terrestrials are here to tell us a message: that what we are doing is destroying planet Earth. That they are here to awaken us and inspire change in the ways we go about living, and to do this for the sake of our own survival and the intergalactic cosmic benefit at large. Again, this is initialized by Charles Manson in his call to protect the Air, Trees, Water, and Animal life.

The change that abductees experience is fundamentally that they may no longer feel themselves to be separate from other beings. They shed their identification with a narrow social role and gain a sense of oneness with all creation, a kind of universal connectedness. [...] Human beings are not lords of the earth, they realize, but children of the cosmos who must find their way to live in harmony with all manner of creatures on the earth and elsewhere. This is a terrifying lesson in humility that opens the psyche to a wider perception of the universe, including the beings and entities that inhabit it. [...] Abductees become open to the presence of a divine source, which fills their being and gives a sense of connection with a universal consciousness from which they have come and to which they will return. 
— John E. Mack (Abduction, 1994; pg. 409).

The UFO abduction phenomenon, which strikes at the heart of the Western paradigm and reveals us to be utterly without control, is more readily accepted at the grassroots level than by the culturally sophisticated or most intellectually advanced among us. For it is, to a large degree, the scientific and governmental elite and the selected media that it controls that determine what we are to believe is real, for these monoliths are the principle beneficiaries of the dominant ideology.
This "politics of ontology" (Mack 1992) is then the primary arena in which the reality and significance of the UFO abduction phenomenon must be confronted. Before its potential meaning for our individual and collective lives can be realized it has to be taken seriously and moved out of the sensationalizing tabloids into the mainstream of the society so that the sophisticated media is free to give up their supercilious tone. For our own government and other governments around the world the abduction phenomenon presents a special problem. Is it, after all, the business of government to protects its people, and for officials to acknowledge that strange beings from radar-defying craft can, in seeming defiance of the laws of gravity and space/time itself, invade our homes and abduct our people creates particular problems. This may explain why government policy in relation to UFOs has been, from the beginning, so confusing, a kind of garbled mixture of denial and cover-up that only fuels conspiracy theories.
There are other political implications of the abduction phenomenon. Politics, local, national, and international, is, after all, a game of power. We seek power to dominate, control, or influence a sphere of action. But the abduction phenomenon by its demonstration that control is impossible, even absurd, and its capacity to reveal our wider identity in the universe invites us to discover the meaning of our "power" in a deeper, spiritual sense. Ethnonational conflict, which derives ultimately from the fact that we define ourselves exclusively in parochial regional terms (what Erik Erikson called "pseudospeciation") is the source of prodigious suffering and represents a vast threat to human survival. The more global, even cosmically, interconnected identity that is implicit in the UFO abduction phenomenon, might, at least, offer a distraction from our interminable struggles for ownership and dominance of the earth. At best it could draw us out of ourselves into potentially infinite cosmic adventures. But all this depends on taking the phenomenon and its implications seriously. [...] That the earth itself, and its potential destruction could have an effect beyond itself or its own environment was altogether outside the worldview in which I was raised. But it would appear from the information that abductees receive that the earth has value or importance in a larger, interrelated cosmic system that mirrors the interconnectedness of life on earth. The alien abduction phenomenon represents, then, some sort of corrective initiative. [...] "the whole universe is self-correcting, because if one part of the universe can be. . . like a feedback machine. [...] It's all connected. If you take one part of the tapestry, and you put a hole in it or you rend it, you wreck the parts that are next to it. If you take a thread out, the threads that are next to it all get bumped and jostled about so you've got to correct it . . . If you make a mess in one part of the universe, you jostle the next part over, and the part that's able to move in or to adjust will do so." — John E. Mack (Abduction, 1994; pg 411).

Energy and Rhythm furthermore encompasses the all as the one and the one as the all, signified by the Taijitu symbol; that of "everything is valid", extending beyond what we may comprehend, for what is valid may also be our imaginations. Evil and "Taboo" is valid to exist as much as goodness. To say that even the bad that we create serves as a purpose to connect us with that outside force of alien abductions and extra-terrestrial existence, beyond what scientific reasoning has proven as true, insofar as alien abductions actually happening,~ this comes to terms with faith in the Divine Plan. I believe this sheds light upon a dawn of a new development in terms of human history and for that which is yet to come. That Earth sooner or later will become part of an "association of worlds", or "interstellar alliance" among inhabited planets in the universe. This all reflects my lyrical perspective of achieving my own aspirations, plus to achieve "world peace" in so far as Epitome Perennial's theme is concerned, by way of my HollowDreamz theme of both lyrics and thematic conceptualizing.

Epitome Perennial dealt with unity for OTHERS (concept), and honest reflection (lyrics).
HollowDreamz dealt with passions unto the self (lyrics) whilst fighting the rut of existential experience (concept), which may have led into folly for self (possibility equating to infinite expression; the lemniscate ∞ symbol), but ultimately found the light at the end of the tunnel through PURPOSE and ASPIRATIONAL ENDEAVOR, which is Energy & Rhythm's lyrics and concept. 

Energy & Rhythm bridges the gap between the children of God and the children of the Devil, and finding your own-self between the two spectrums. It is not only defining yourself finitely, but infinitely; existence is infinite, and saying this, it relates to HollowDreamz: what may seem as something terrible, is in fact of value when viewed from another perspective  as are the words of Manson of value when we understand the situation and perspective from which he claims his mentality. Justifiable to them - and for it's sheer validity for existence, and yet seemingly unjustifiable in its seemingly misconstrued adeptness. As is such, the all is One and the one is All.

Allah's Truth is manifest, and all that is good and true and sane and normal accepts it with joy. But even where there is "disease in the heart", or judgment is obscured by perversity, every creature must eventually see and acknowledge Allah and His power. For God's love is unescapable as nature's environment, which if a man ignore or think to thrust it off, he is the ill-natured fool that runneth blindly on death." All Nature adores Allah, and Islam asks for nothing peculiar or sectarian; it but asks that we follow our nature and make our will comformable to Allah's Will as seen in Nature, history, and revelation. Its message is universal. — Qur'an 417.

All perspectives are valid, and what justifies one's existence based upon principles and morality  such is the constitution of Energy & Rhythm. As Nasir Jones notes, "you cannot win unless you understand the wit and the conviction" of your enemy, aptly referenced to the HollowDreamz theme, if we're speaking on the children of the devil being Charles Manson and Bundy and those who have traversed paths of destructivity. And on the opposite pole, there is the Epitome Perennial stature which equates to the children of God. Nas speaks on Nat Turner being a child of God and Hitler and J Edgar Hoover being the children of the devil. So the question becomes, why are the children of God, "Epitome Perennial leaders", killed? Partly due to the societal conditions elaborated upon in hollowDreamz's essay, "The Spring of Individuality". To move beyond these conditions, we must flow with the energies of acceptance in acknowledging the rhythmic power of our lives. To do so, we must open ourselves up to the void, to the unknown, to the resolvement of our metaphysical existence so as to then flow, expand, and manifest into a SotA stature of enlightenment. 

You will always move away from what is least beneficial for you. You will always go towards what is more beneficial to you.

The disbelief and ostracization alien abductees receive from others when they disclose their experiences are not always positive reactions. And these abduction experiencers for the most part also are not trying to make a profit from their stories. Such recollections run consistent among all types of peoples, and yet to the first world which is modern and advanced, such eye-witness accounts come across as fairy-tale delusional imaginations. We believe we are the most advanced civilization. And if it is fake, then the experiencers who do attach a belief to their experience being a benefit for them to experience, is furthermore epiphanied as a solution to a better world. So either way, it is a positive-positive.

One of the additional aims and primary objectives of my Music Series has been making sense of what the great writers, thinkers, philosophers, scientists, innovators, politicians, and iconoclasts of the past stated, and why their words seemingly run consistent with one another, and furthermore, what such meanings mean in the grand scheme of things in relation to each of our own lives. It should not be taken as esoteric talk but rather actuality resonating with the daily micro and macro spectrum of our existence. For I such to create value, by what I construct with these projects I build, offer, and share. My aim is always that of prolific creativity, giving a slice to the world of my own authentic experiences. The path takes effort in self-reflection and soul searching but is indeed worth the trekking in the long-run.

As stated before, the journey of The Salloum, from Epitome Perennial to Energy & Rhythm, is an evolution of self, from understanding the reality of our socio-economic structure and its sobering realities (death of people leaders; of goodness), to focusing on self (changing self to change the world) and expanding, to then manifesting utmost potential of self through complete positive acceptance of circumstances via Faith by means of Yin/Yang #Taijitu en route the state of being founded upon in the philosophy of Wu Wei.

Hollowdreamz represents the beginning of the journey; to attain individualism and to define it for self. 
Epitome Perennial represents individualism at its peak.
Between Epitome Perennial's Omega (Ω) and HollowDreamz's Alpha (α) is the idea that the existence of all is equal, and all is valid IN UNISON with the definition of fear and segregation among existence. This free-will form of infinite expression denotes Energy & Rhythm's lemniscate () - and the possibilities for beingness.
The symbolism represented is that of the dark preceding the dawn.

Upon incarnating into a physical body, we experience an occultation of awareness and forget who we are. Then social conditioning and biological impulses graft a false identity upon us that is in total discord with our true spiritual nature. Most people wear this false identity for life and fail to recognize and fulfill their true reasons for incarnating. But for others, intuition and experiences help them realize that there is more to life than the material world (matrix) admits. Throughout life these individuals experience higher impulses guiding them toward becoming lucid in this dream, while simultaneously lower impulses beckon them toward sleep. For those who consistently listen to their higher impulses, inner and outer life transforms and begins to operate under divine instead of material laws, removing limitations of the latter and opening up new possibilities. This is the process of transcending the matrix, using higher laws to override lower ones by developing and purifying one’s internal nature to resonate with higher realms of existence. This is a prerequisite for fulfilling one’s potential.

It appears sometimes to be the strangeness and our lack of power and control, more than any real harm or physical pain that may have occurred, that at least initially gives the human/alien relationship such an adversarial or traumatic cast. As has so often happened in human history, something that seems to threaten us from outside, or challenges a worldview, tends to be perceived as demonic, which of course has provided the television and film industries with almost limitless commercial opportunities. 
— John E. Mack (Passport To The Cosmos, 1999; pg. 262)

Epitome Perennial is the reflection of social problems from the perspective of a leader with a solution(s).
HollowDreamz is the reflection of personal problems from the perspective of creation of self.
Energy & Rhythm parallels with the theme of environmentalism; how we are ruining this planet (ourselves) and the universe (our greater world).

"The real important thing is the ecological problem we're causing worldwide. [...] we humans are in the early stages of development [...] too dangerous to be set free in the universe to do as we please." Often on the ships he has been shown "scene after scene showing mankind's destructive ways and its impact on the environment," accompanied by a telepathic message: "YOU ARE KILLING YOUR PLANET. YOUR PLANET IS DYING." "I learned if we can't take care of ourselves and our planet, how can we ever expect to join the galactic neighborhood?" — John E. Mack (Passport To The Cosmos; pg. 98)

One would claim that if God represents everything, then The Creator, as The Maker, has in all that it creates, an aspect of itself, inevitably. Energy & Rhythm is about transcending the self beyond rigid constructs. It is about shattering old beliefs and definitions, whilst accepting the unknown of where we fit in the universe. Accepting the unknown means accepting and tolerating our own ignorance and humbly so. Ultimately, there is a congruence (to be found) between the inner nature of man in his aptitude and tendency, and the natural nature of mother Earth in her essence. And both are found parallel to the another.

I believe I am, therefore I think. I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe our consciousness continues to exist after our body is deceased. I believe I am a soul and it's eternal. I feel deep down that I have lived before and don't ask me why, because I cannot and do not know how to explain it  it's just a sense of feeling. I don't mind if people call me crazy, because I would rather be crazy (with profound experiences which I feel nothing but bliss, joy and true happiness within me), than to be normal with misery.

The key to attracting more of what one wants starts with loving, accepting, acknowledging, and appreciating the self. All the positive affirmations, treasure maps, and goal setting will be of fleeting value if deep inside one feels alone, ashamed, angry, or deprived and cannot honestly imagine themselves fully and completely in a positive frame of mind. In addition, attracting what one desires begins form within and requires totally accepting the idea of innate faith, in that you are the creator and may attain that which hearkens responsibility for your own reality. For everything is made of energy. There is no good nor evil in actuality. All is neutral. It is only our thoughts that label circumstances as evil or good. Everything is electro-magnetism, which is what energy and rhythm represents, and expresses as its most basic conceptualization.

The TAIJITU is all about going with the FLOW. Meaning: don’t fight it (life; her regenerative cycle of spirit and seasons, and how things are now; all of the current evil and immaturity that exists), but work towards it, have the intentions of improving things.

Evil and good are God's right hand and left. — Horace Mann

In conclusion, I have the alpha (HollowDreamz), lemniscate (Energy & Rhythm), and the omega (Epitome Perennial). The omega was released to the world first, as that signifies the end goal and final destination. You need to know where you wish to go before you set foot on adventure. The lemniscate are the energies and rhythms of life — of freedom of choice and free-will. The omega is the end goal ~ the legacy. Before you begin the journey you must aim to set a foundation for knowing thyself, if even in the least bit, because without knowing thyself you will not know much else. So for preparation, there needs to be an at-minimum identity established unto one's self, one's desires, one's strengths, one's acumen. This is all important as it is the Alpha, the beginning, and limits the potential for failure. I give tangible points of achieving such through some tools on the means of action web-page.

There is a parallel between near death experiences and the message received by abduction experiencers, especially what the Ariel school kids underwent with the information transmitted to them telepathically. Near death experiences, and the search for Heaven away from Earthly experience — this leads toward a unifying existence of something grander than the earthly desires of lust, greed, exploitation of nature and people. The higher desires of life come about through awareness of what is outside of us and in the cosmos, and the awareness of purpose and creation. Hence, by transition from HollowDreamz to Energy and Rhythm via the portal of the 'Reach Higher' outro on HollowDreamz, this is made aware. A great book on near death experiences is by Dr. Bruce Greyson, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia, who has written many journal articles along with interviews on the subject of near death experiences. This transitions furthermore into SotA whereby the white light deemed visible by those on the cusp of death in their out of body experiences leads toward seeing a light of stardom.

God did not create angels independently. The earth is the nursery ground for heaven. The angels are not angels by original nature; they transformed into angels by intimate union with God which God never refuses, the essence of God being never negative, but always active.

For further insights into the linear and cyclical relation of my Music Series, view my EP-hD-E&R webpage.

9) You rap, "sin and grace, yin and yang, all One in the same", and "All is valid including the malice" is another line we hear in your song Life In The Moonlight. What do you mean by "valid"?

Whatever is valid simply is. Human beings flying does not exist, thus not yet valid. Bullfighting, as cruel as it is to the bull, or as traditionally justified as it may be to it's practitioners, in our present day, exists. Therefore by it's mere fact of objective purposeful existence, beyond good or bad, it exists therefore it is valid. All that exists is valid, thereby "justified" in the grand scheme of things. The slaughtering of Palestinians by Israel, valid - not to be confused with equitable righteousness. Such hap-stances reveal the worst in humanity, yet such is part of the ideal plan by creation in it's multitudes. In the same way the arena allowed the Jews to experience the Holocaust, and Stalin to kill millions. Is it right? Nay. Is it valid? Yes, because it "is". So when do we challenge creation, if ever at all? I believe we shall when the system begins to exploit and harm it's own self. Is the eye on a USD currency bill anti-valid, or pro-valid? It is pro-valid in its arena, for it is placed upon as a stamp for justification. But it is non-valid outside its arena. The real question is, is money artificial? Where does the consistent, institutionalized system of money maintain itself from; from where does it's root spawn? For even that is valid, but valid may too be defined as dark on this earthly estate of this current age, as symbolized in Energy & Rhythm's outro, "The Pleiadians Message".

This leads to the unanswered, and unquestioned ponderance of: what good is out there, and what bad? And beyond "good and bad" - what is the Originator Source (aptly known as God)? From within, what deep rooted plan is our pre-programmed existential DNA prescribed toward fulfilling on the grand scale — a "towardment" only felt, yet unreasoned and imprecisely defined due to it's great capacity: the wholesome God embodiment itself. This evolves to "I (eye) wrote the script like I (eye) atop of Pyramid", via SotA, as it pertains to me, thyself, The Salloum — the embodiment atop of the pyramid. But furthermore, who influences control of the system: An outer entity? Or the system and it's mentality itself (imperialistic capitalism). If imperialistic capitalism: the extra-terrestrial existence acknowledged by the public raises (their) awareness and changes the focus of the mass vision toward something outside of themselves within the rigidly identified construct. If greater entities run earth, I must adapt to the game. If earth is run by earthly peoples, I may change the game. If an outside force or influence holds controlling influence of the infrastructure of the world (where $ rules), then the people must awake to the fact that certain folks have sold themselves to serve an entity that is selfishly benefiting itself through oligarchs and game-playing sell-outs who are maintaining an infrastructural monopoly on the rest of us, thus the wars, poverty, famine, and environmental destructiveness for selfish ends.

Why are there wars? For money, and stratagem of self-preservation. Money = freedom. Money = independence. Money is good. But evil is evil and money can create evil. And that equates to no humanity. Are we in a jungle? When we join an intergalactic society, the Earth will unify together because we will discover that which is outside of ourselves. And this is what Energy and Rhythm proposes. Epitome Perennial was about world peace. HollowDreamz was about knowing thyself - which leads to peace therein. And Energy and Rhythm is about discovering that which is beyond, outside of the self, cultivating harmony among all. Perhaps it's not the micro that fixes the macro (world), but the macro that has the power to adapt and evolve the micro (self) amidst it's many selves.

Money really is what makes the world go round. For example, we would have had electric cars sooner, if it wouldn't have hurt the profits of oil companies. Plus, this country is so behind in green energy, because you have the coal industries writing big paychecks to congressmen.

Does the entity discriminate: It must, for what is racism? For what does it fear, in that the whole Earth does not feel peace? What is the root of such negativity (greed, fear) but that of ignorance of the divine light of creation within each one of us. For what is the true root from which racism sprouts? Racism / classicism = hatred, war; a means to the profits ($), far from the message of the prophets. If such is true then: America is hypocritical at it's most and quite evil at it's least. It preaches one thing (glory, justice), and acts in another (selfishly, shrewdly, imperialistically). She plays the game well, using "positive universal energies" as a facade (effective when believed) yet energetically practices jingoism in a world with all left but to fend for themselves, thereby circling back around to the HollowDreamz theme of empathy.

We defeat the challenges placed upon by society by taking the high road in all of the difficulties we encounter. Justifying the self and critiques of others may be justified. Yet be open enough to accept inspirations of (the) unknown existences. All may play any position of their choosing. One mustn't have to play some position to be something. They may be themselves, and justly so. This extends from HollowDreamz, and one being their own individual. As far as Energy & Rhythm goes for all of us, it is about playing one's piece of the puzzle. Energy & Rhythm reflects the acceptance of different styles and themes. It is all about vibrations and chemistry. Positive and negative energy; to live unto self, free and fluid OR to challenge ills and evolutionize shadow constructs creating fear, prejudice, injustice — committed by whoso lives unto self — free and fluid, benefiting from the constructs of shadow darkness befallen unto war ants and worker bees.

Outside is good and bad, and earth is the institutionalized impression of bad sprawled upon it, thereby expressing itself from such root inevitably through means of outside coercion and influence. But even that root of coerced existence comes from a divine creator which has been created by something greater than its own making. It is about me doing me. I am an infinite spirit, so if I want to make crazy music, or offend, or do whatever, then it is justified, just depends upon the intention more so than the energy. Energy can hide intention, and vice versa, intention may be veiled by energy. However, energy can be stronger than intention.

The Godless would deny & destroy human rights... The liberties of a nation cannot be secure when belief in God is abandoned. — Richard Halverson

Lies are usually caused by undue fear of men.  Hasidic Saying

10) Your song Ride With You, is it about alien abduction, or the unknown?

Both. Alien abduction is part of it. My project's main focus is alien abduction. We must first define our vision for what we want to happen in this world. Then we must develop ourselves to such ends. Then if we look outside of ourselves perhaps that too will create a positive catalyst for change on Earth, as it will expand our paradigm of conflict with each other and expand our horizons into the unknown depths of consciousness, innovation, and exploration, thus shifting our current paradigm on earth. President Reagan, Oprah, Harvard Pullitzer Prize Winning author and professor, 60+ earnest children in 1994, George Carlin, and the tens of thousands of people across the world who have paid witness to such - each of these folks have witnessed and some have outspokenly spoken on the subject. How crazy or odd and weird is it for me to? I put it into an entertaining thematic and conceptual form, easy to digest with a macro vision (the listener) toward expansion of self and expansion of consciousness supported by perennialism insights and wisdoms in the form of excerpts and quotations by masterminds and great men.

11) Speak on Energy & Rhythm's red & violet cover art and how you came up with the name for your project.

Red is a low frequency vibration. In fact it is the lowest visible frequency we are able to perceive with our human eyes. Violet is the highest visible frequency we can perceive with our eyes. Thus, if something exists on the frequency of violet light, then it is at a very high level of energy and will experience the things that go hand in hand with that level. If on the other end of the spectrum it chooses to exist on the red frequency level, then it will resonate at a lower frequency and one will experience things at that end.

Violet assists those who seek the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment. It expands our awareness, connecting us to a higher consciousness. For this reason it is associated with transformation of the soul and the philosophers of the world are often attracted to it.

Red is the color of energy, passion, and action. Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. It is also strong-willed and can give confidence to those lacking in will power.

The difference in gradation of the vibration of frequency is what determines what is capable of being experienced. If you are operating at the high level of frequency (violet) you will never perceive red at that end of the spectrum. So the leading edge of the wave of collective consciousness  you can live there or float back into the wake, somewhere of which there will be vibrations representative to whatever degree you allow your belief system to take hold. There are consequences to that, being that you can only perceive what is directly commensurate to the level you're on, nothing lower and nothing higher. But we are all capable of choosing to ride the crest  the leading edge.

Minute 51:30

And last but not least, the color of the text "Energy & Rhythm" on the front cover art is Cosmic Latte.

Learn more about Cosmic Latte here, here, and here.

The project name "Energy & Rhythm" was additionally inspired by a skate-shop in Charlottesville located on the UVA corner years ago with the same name. This project is Hip-Hop for the future. It is about questioning, it is about inspiring, it is about confidence, and it is also about reality and doubt, but I call it controlled doubt. Doubt with faith; feeling wealthy inside and out. This is true, real music, and this music could single-handedly revolutionize the disgruntled perceptions of that which we call reality by one's mere understanding of the conceptual theme I present. To me, this project was exciting and renewing, both the process of making it as well as the possibilities and open-ended questions and inquiries and manifestations that were spoken into existence. It encompasses All. And how befitting that is, considering energy encompasses all, and rhythms are undefined insofar as our human capacity is able to comprehend and retain in it's fullest existence.

Ultimately, what Energy & Rhythm represents is progress. My main goal for this project was two-fold. Firstly, to officially engineering my songs professionally so they're presented with the highest possible quality, and to ensure that the lyrics I was using were digestible and understandable, whilst using unique musical productions that hit the ear different; music that gives me my personal sound. Every beat on the project was created by a different producer born and raised in a unique environment. Nevertheless, each beat signified my natural style from the moment I heard it. During the creative process, I asked myself how I could make Energy & Rhythm the step toward manifesting my aspirations. I think speaking what I want from within outward into existence and also creating the best product possible will garner a sense of accomplishment in doing what's in my power to create something of worth for myself and the world, all while depicting the times of the present world as is the duty of every artist who creates.

All of my songs contain at least one of three themes: (1) Social dialogue and consciousness. (2) Personal reflection and inner-awareness. And (3) aspiration toward financial freedom and by default spiritual upliftment and freedom from the shackles of a construct workload exhibited for mere survival.

Ultimately, all that exists is worthy of expression  thus worthy of me expressing it. It constitutes "life". There is no one correct way to live. All is valid, and all is up for consideration by all who wish to consider what they may. I speak on the anti-thesis to limitation(s) as we know it. I feel that is my duty because indelibly it is an aspect characteristic to Truth, and the truths therein.

Minute 10:30

12) Speak on the effects and impacts of science and art, and how Energy & Rhythm coalesces the two.

I deem there to be a lack of innovation and creativity in science. Science slows itself down. It is methodical, but seemingly it works from the bottom up rather than the top down which limits it's potentiality for exercising it's bottom up approach more wholesomely. Art naturally constitutes a top-down approach. For this reason, at this point, on this subject, it is one's own intuition over scientific reasoning which resonates closer to truth under peculiar circumstances. Science perpetually rules out intuition and faults itself at the lack of innovation it may encompass for itself. The Qur'an clearly mentions, as well as other traditions of native Americanism and African tribal experiences, of jinn, star-people (beings). Science wishes to discredit at the cost of remaining true to what I think is its rigid construct of reasoning. Such judgment is detrimental and clouded by a reasoning holding itself hostage under unrealistic limits. I believe the social structure, paradigm, economic infrastructure - it is all related through the grapevine — and that's a limitation, especially when you implement business and profiteering into the mix.

Islamic science is related profoundly to the Islamic world view. It is rooted deeply in knowledge based upon the unity of Allah or al-tawhid and a view of the universe in which Allah’s Wisdom and Will rule and in which all things are interrelated reflecting unity on the cosmic level. In contrast, Western science is based on considering the natural world as a reality which is separate from both Allah and the higher levels of being. At best, Allah is accepted as the creator of the world, as a mason who has built a house which now stand on its own. His intrusion into the running of the world and His continuous sustenance of it are not accepted in the modern scientific world view.  Seyyed Hossein Nasr

As far as extra-terrestrials being proven by science, in my own research and brainstorming, mainstream scientific explanations fall short in their logic and reasoning of such being untrue, or at the least, proclaiming, "it's not that it is untrue, we just can't prove it.". We don't need science to prove everything for it to be demarcated as true once presented by certain evidences outside of and beyond the rigidity characterizing trueness, particularly among a system often influenced and administered by self-serving interests and funding.

Science is controlled by forces which fall short of truth-seeking sincerity, and "explanations" for what is not understood is based solely upon the immaturity of the scientific method and paradigms of reasoning undermining its greatest and fullest development toward it reaching its potential. Yet we settle for less because we haven't enabled ourselves to think and experiment outside of the box enough. Extra-terrestrialistic enlightenment is the new age of a new system toward a newly defined awakening of preservation and multi-varied prosperity inevitably, including unique challenges offered. Things are changing and evolving as old versus new takes place, and this transition is what constitutes Energy & Rhythm, and such changes signify the only constant in our universe of affairs whether we seek to control it or not.

Needless to say none of this makes sense within the modern worldview brought to us by Western science, whose "governing assumption," in philosopher Richard Tarnas's words, is that "any meaning the human mind perceives in the universe does not exist intrinsically in the universe but is projected onto it by the human mind". To Tarnas, "this complete voiding of the cosmos, this absolute privileging of the human" is perhaps the "ultimate anthropocentric projection, the most subtle yet prodigious form of human self-aggrandizement" and represents an intellectual "hubris of cosmic proportions."
The experiences recounted by the abductees with whom I have worked during the past four years constitute, I think, a rich body of evidence to support the idea that the cosmos, far from being devoid of meaning and intelligence is, to quote Tarnas again, "informed by some kind of universal intelligence," an intelligence "of scarcely conceivable power, complexity, and aesthetic subtlety yet one to which the human intelligence is akin, and in which it can participate."
UFO abductions and related phenomena suggest first that humans are not preeminent intelligent beings in a universe more or less empty of conscious life. But abductees' experiences also indicate that we are participating in a cosmos that contains intelligent beings that are far more advanced than we are in certain respects and have the power to render us helpless for purposes we are only just beginning to fathom. 
Each abductee appears to me like a pioneer on a hero's journey. For as they undergo their own ego-destroying terror, and allow us to know about their experiences, their consciousness opens to the existence of unknown dimensions of the cosmos and the human psyche, which themselves appear increasingly to be profoundly interwoven. 
I am often asked why, if UFOs and abductions are real, the spaceships do not show up in more obvious form. "Why don't they land on the White House lawn?" is the reigning cliche. The most popular answer to this question among those who take the phenomenon seriously is that the aliens do not dare to manifest themselves more directly. Government leaders would panic, might attack them, and surely would not know how to avoid scaring the rest of us.
It is for us to embrace the reality of the phenomenon and to take a step toward appreciating that we live in a universe different from the one in which we have been taught to believe.
UFO abductions have to do with the evolution of consciousness and the collapse of a worldview that has placed humankind at a kind of epicenter of intelligence in a cosmos perceived as largely lifeless and meaningless. [...] The connecting principle, the force that expands our consciousness beyond ourselves, appears to be love. [...] The abduction phenomena, it seems clear, is about what is yet to come. It presents, quite literally, visions of alternative futures, but it leaves the choice to us. — John E. Mack

If knowledge is light then ignorance is dark. We are floating on a small tiny planet in the middle of space. And only a few take into serious ponderance what it is that is above us in the sky. The rest watch TV, meet at cafes, and watch television. The path toward Truth is found within as soon as one looks outside of oneself to the void of the unknown. The making of (r)evolution. Seemingly, control of such is constrained by the day-to-day clockwork of routine. Freedom is the only way to escape. And freedom cannot be attained without an entrepreneurial sense of oneself growing into their utmost potential. Such is the philosophy I have developed unto self. And to each their own.

Everything goeth, everything returneth; eternally rolleth the wheel of existence. 
Everything dieth, everything blossometh forth again; eternally runneth the year of existence.
Everything breaketh, everything is integrated anew; eternally buildeth itself the same house of existence. All things separate, all things against greet one another; eternally true to itself remaineth the ring of existence.
Every moment beginneth existence, around every 'Here' rolleth the bull of "There'. The middle is everywhere. Crooked is the path of eternity. — P.D. Ouspensky

13) Describe the significance of your Music Series, and the foreseeable impact you would like it to have.

I'm here to educate and entertain, and to continue to learn about myself and about people and the workings of the world as well as human nature on both the micro and macro levels. And then again, to entertain and educate. No progress comes from art or culture if it is not expounded upon and evaluated and hearkened as a form of practice. I create so as to be challenged and thus then judged unto tried and true. It is on me to  articulate the message and meaning and significance and short-comings and strengths and unknowns. I don't have all of the answers but if I give my one or two answers, then somebody can chime in with their additional one or two and now the intangible is made to make all the more sense to everyone else. As a result, more value is created.

The meaning, the articulation of its significance - take what you wish and leave what you do not. All I can do is be content with the effort and promotion I've put into these projects. It is everyone else's prerogative to either utilize or to ignore. My Music Series is me setting up the foundation for what I suggest listeners to adhere to for themselves. This is the journey of me. The journey that I am on. Where I end up, know this was my foundation for the development of what later fruitioned. Then you too can know what to expect whence hearkening such life-style. I seek to take the best of everything that I come across, and to learn from the worst of everything I come across. What better way to make sense of oneself and the world than through such evaluative means.

I show myself that to run with the bulls, to face the masses as the lone-self, to conquer the self and fears and reach heights from which most are scared to aspire toward and thus fall from - this is worthiness. Filled with much learning. Filled with much risk. And lacking in substantial regrets once oneself is founded upon and committed to it. It touches on virtue. It touches upon imagination. It touches upon action. It touches on tolerance. It touches upon fear and hate, and yet teaches compassion. It is the God aspect on the micro and the macro level - the themes of the projects I create. It paints and touches upon the picture of human nature  of human emotion  of existence. It is philosophy and science, art and metaphysics. I'm just a channel for the vision God put inside of me. This is me exercising blessings. And telling to you that you too have, and that it is your duty to exercise for self and more importantly, for the world to see what it is you encompass for giving.

14) From a religious perspective, regarding The Pleaidian Message, how do you reason the creator Gods, specifically plural, and Allah as being the sole Creator of humanity? How do you bridge the gap between the singular and the plural of the two from a personal belief standpoint?

Who created the creator gods encompasses the answer. Allah is the Creator of All. So whether there are "creator Gods" out there or not, that does not undermine the One Source of ALL creation, made of Cosmic Dust in all beings, energies, and atoms. There's a sort of pantheism that I resonate with, as Einstein states, 

The religion of future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers this description... If there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs, it would be Buddhism. — Albert Einstein

In terms of Pantheism,
(Pan = all, theism=God) it is the view that God is all. Although some definitions describe pantheism as the view that God is the universe or God is nature, the more general definition is that these (universe, nature) are manifestations of God. In other words, pantheism defines God as the totality. All matter, energy, space and time. The universe and every other universe which may exist. All creators and all destroyers. All things, ideas, forms. Every-thing and every-nothing. In sum, He is the representation of the oneness of all. 
This view wouldn't be compatible with Islam because we believe Allah created these things, he isn't these things. [35:1]. [21:30]. [36:82]. We know that Allah cannot perish or expire, but time will be diminished, so Allah cannot be all since Allah cannot perish like nature, time, earth and the universe. Although Allah is not all but he can control and create all.

I keep the door open to all belief systems and reasonings for my own creative inspirations. Life is about questioning, exploring, and making sense of that which resonates most within oneself, and some uncertainties may indeed lead to connections drawing upon a perspective that leads toward the One Truth. In other words half truths may lead to whole Truths whence reconciled through holistic clarity. Sincere evolution is the goal. Debasement and ulterior-motivated intentions is the curse we face.

This is a tough world because people are in competition with each other more so than following their unique timings and paths where competition with self is made most viable. I guess such competition with others however helps spur progress at a faster and more distilled rate at times. Nevertheless, such may also cause mischief and grief within the inner self, especially when sincerity and trust, or lack there of, align with the pillar of self-preservation as the law of the land. This is where the notion of drones dropping bombs on people in third world countries is deemed valid, through the blindness of such occurrences, and a certain detachment and indifference by they behind such buttons carrying out such acts. We are all human with nearly identical wants and desires and identical fears, yet the average does not view their fellow human in similar ways at levels of foreign policy where resources and legislation and power of influence reigns across borders and nationalities, cultures and languages. That is problematic. The panacea? Awareness, and knowledge and education. One that is spiritual in nature.

Everything you see on earth is made from one original substance, out of which all things proceed. 
— Wallace D. Wattles

There is a difference between being smart, intelligent, and genius. Most at these great universities are smart, some intelligent who think independently and reflect with depth, and a few are geniuses therein, who dedicate their time and concentration to innovative tasks and ideas and processings contributing uniquely toward portraying a substantially effective worldview made tangible, as never seen before. Such is how you get your SotAs in that realm of arena. Transparency is important. That creates a checks and balances assortment between leaders and followers. On the macro level, if we knew secrets the president knew, our perspective on how and why things are being authorized would shift. Such concerns and thoughts are not made for everybody to be aware of or to think about because folks then become distracted away from concentrating on their piece of the puzzle to play. The system hiccups soon thereafter and the greased toiling may very well become rough and jagged. But I believe a greater vision and purpose is required for all to hearken and the world does not contain such shift of paradigm quite yet on a broad level.

Society will only begin to take care of its own (those who have ostracized standing up for justice against power), and those who have been cast out to the side who do not fit the constructs protocol (eccentrics) when we begin comparing ourselves with something greater than ourselves. Then will we realize that the greatest progress we will be able to make will come through progressive competition (an overarching benefit of capitalism, generally) with others other than ourselves. A social enterprise of sorts competition, if you will. And what ability to create such paradigm than through the discovery of intelligent life beyond what we currently know of. As a common people we will be united away from our cultural, traditional, racial, and social classes, and will assimilate toward the common utmost objective of competing with an entity outside of the micro-self; rather entities, both greater and inferior to our own development technologically, spiritually, metaphysically, and else more.

We are still battling each other on the earthly micro-level. But who are we on the Universal MACRO level in this galactic cosmos? That is a true resolvement for the distresses we feel and create upon ourselves and our environments conclusively. Kudos to Elon Musk, Naveen Jain, Jeff Bezos among others for their visions and know-how in progressing our generation(s) toward such expansiveness. Surely a paradigm shift is called for and such comes only through our shift in the awareness of our environment. Be the version of you that accepts this new awareness. I hope my project inspires and opens one up in ways that the information and knowledge I've come upon and relayed has done for me.

Ultimately, I believe in Perennialism.
That all traditions are worthy at their core. Each carrying a universal seed of truth therein; details of the traditions prescribe toward a compatibly-ritualistic means of living. Therefore, I believe all perspectives are worthy. I believe all rights shall be granted for every spirit. I believe in the Supreme Creator. The order of my body (self-healing), the order of the solar system (night/day-seasons), the order of nature all alludes to calculated and orderly (divine) existence beyond our current level of awareness and knowledge. 
I believe in creator(s). Life has the ability to direct and create itself on a fractional scale within a bounded framework. But we answer to the Creator of All World's always. The framework itself was created by the Supreme Creator, therefore It knows what we may do, and what we do based upon the system of repercussions serving to guide us in his Infinite Wisdom and Mercy. 
Our lives are bounded by the framework of the Supreme Creator.
I believe in life after death. 
I believe our spirits (the glist in our eyes [vs] the lifeless eyes of a corpse) are eternal. 
I believe all animals and plants have spirit. 
I believe all spirit is energy.
I believe in extra-terrestrial life, both more advanced and less advanced than our human race.
Worlds exist outside of our realm of experience. I believe in a spirit world (Angels/Jinns/Ghosts). 
I believe Earth will unify herself as soon as our infrastructural system matures beyond our current state and outreaches into the universe. 
Inter-galactic exploration will unify our terrestrial race evermore. 
I believe technology and science is of utmost importance.
But I believe faith with intuitive reasoning serves as the primary base toward (our) unlimited expansion.

Every body dies, but existence continues. — Noah Levine

15) Why haven't you collaborated with other music artists?

My Music Series has been a 3-part concept series that was required of me to create and complete for self, first and foremost. It is my foundational platform from which RAP MILLIONAIRE sprouts. The Music Series is a linear and cyclical foundation I've had planned and have worked through for over a decade. What follows after my tri-projects are collaborations and the releasing of single songs leading to me finding my unique groove and style on an independently-creative and consistent basis. Once I’m releasing music on a consistent basis, I’m creating value for self and the people with whom I am collaborate with, and that is when it is ideal for the snowball effect to take place and for opportunities and challenges to expand further and come forth.

Hip-hop for me, on my first three projects, was a soundboard and a platform for me to explore intellectual ideas and concepts in reflection with present society and the world at large, on human issues. And human issues can be both personal issues and race issues, cultural issues and political issues. My works have been as much a spiritual journey as they have been musical. I was not a "success" until now because my soul spirit was not at the frequency of such abundance. My project concepts extend toward the ability for meaningful change through rhetorical words and verses. I serve myself to the world by living my truth, and sharing it. That's the most valuable information I can give. It's the most honest way to deliver myself, and for those who see it: to witness me for me. I work in a closed-off space, my zone is self-contained. I am seeking to evolve into a more open zone where collaborative efforts can exponentially raise the output of value curated.

My Music Series championed creativity with intellectualism. Creativity is the answer to make worlds unite. My Music Series is based upon presenting ideas via curating it through mainstream dots being connected - from a place of explaining it through particular sources deemed exemplary and credible. These are what my projet features have signified. The references come with credibility, and also an underlying meaning back-dropping to my thematic concepts. I think we all would just like to be loved and respected. That's all what everybody wants. From the racist to the rapist. How we deal with demons and the ills of our souls to make some commit to acts of vice and sin, whilst others are able to reconcile themselves into forgiveness of self, others, through understanding - my Music Series is a therapeutic practice in the aspect that it is liberating me from myself even as I am seeing the versions of myself in the themes themselves. It is forcing me to see the play within my own play. Thereby the ultimate goal of my music is for me to be my utmost self. How I do it is through rhyme and reason, cadence and rhythm, rhetoric and prose. The way I do it is not my purpose. The way I do it is an expression of my purpose. The only purpose I have is to Be.

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves. — Mahatma Gandhi

The world and sometimes truth, innately, is not easy to digest. My first project Epitome Perennial brought me much grief in fact. After that I found a means to then empower myself (hollowdreamz), and then to make sense of it all together (which is Energy & Rhythm essentially). AdvanceRoyale is the next music compilation I am working on. I haven't figured out yet how I will go about this project's theme/concept. I have enough lyrics for 12-15 songs. These lyrics were written during a similar time period as the lyrics of Energy & Rhythm. I don't plan on creating an essay but rather I may make each song an article unto itself, elaborating upon the theme/concept of each song. Or I may release the songs without any supportive material. I've also been working on many music videos as of late with a couple of great videographers and editors online.

16) Any last words?

In the Qur'an, it states that there are four points a Muslim must adhere to to prosper. The first of those four is "belief in the unseen". This includes angels and jinn, as prescribed in Surah 2:3. My Energy & Rhythm theme aims to do just that, as its theme runs parallel in that regard. The following three points are steadfastness in prayer, generosity toward the world, and belief in the Qur'an and assured belief in the afterlife. 

Additionally, I would like to also note the linear projection of the projects track-listing, in that the project on the whole progresses via an ask, believe, receive voyage.

My ask verses refer to me asking, signifying what my dreams are, what I strive for in so far as commanding purpose unto self amidst life's happenings and scenarios. My believe verses are my being in the process of action and manifesting through means of doing. And my receive verses are things actually happening and my showing gratitude toward the continuous potential I foresee for self; me claiming my independence and ideals coming true through correspondence with. The creation of my projects constitutes bringing empowerment to self, maintaining inspiration within my own blood and brawn.

Energy & Rhythm is gratitude. Science says "show me and I believe you". Faith says, "I believe, and it shows". So based upon the abduction of aliens as well, which is that these abductees say they have seen and witnessed such phenomena, and yet science can not fathom such as being true, well forget science and the statistics of, "less than 1% make it a success in life". Such means of viewing reality shall be ignored for such goes against the grain of faith one is apt to have in one's abilities whence realistically queued. And I extend this message of conviction and right to all who have a desire burning deep down within, yet are constrained by the doubts weighing on them by the averages of the masses who have no part in supporting nor contributing to such fire within. Even to believe in the extent of things that have happened that you don't want to be true, this can extend as far as fearing success more than fearing failure. It can be heard on my track "Moonlight":

"I didn't love self cause my mama didn't back my wants
I was just fighting to make it seen when already it was here
I was just denying it like a non-believer by Elohim
But I knew if i gave in I’d regret it, so I dug deeper
A shy infatuate
Call me that creeper immaculate
These are my thoughts
These are my dreams
This is my revival"

It is about overcoming. And so relating this furthermore to Ronald Reagan's UN speech - on fear itself being a great motivator toward action for positive outcomes, fear may very well be stronger than love in that regard. It is fear and anger that manifests action and change, rarely comfort. 

I'm blessed to have concluded my Music Series, a process that has taken place over a total of 5 active years, and which began with 5 years of preparation prior to my first release in 2013, Epitome Perennial. What follows following Advance Royale will be Thy Opus - based upon defined exhibits. Definitely check out my Palestine vlogs for in-depth footage on what the creative process behind Energy & Rhythm was, and the step-by-step means for how I completed it here:


At the end of the day, all I can do is share what I know. I can try to teach, but if anything, I share my knowledge and what I know, the same way I've learned from dozens whom I've looked to for understanding who have contributed to my own well of awareness, insights, and wisdom. I feel far from my pinnacle but on the right track, and that is in large part thanks to my hearkening of HollowDreamz' conceptualization. Energy & Rhythm is now the way I live my life, which will soon lead to my solidified stature of trueness in character and self; a prime if you will #SotA. This is what I seek to fulfill as I continue my trek. I'm not necessarily here to change people insofar as I am here to share my perspective which can then influence the way people think of and view themselves in the world, which hopefully gives more empowerment and justice and self-commanding respect and virtue via principles and ethics and morality. That is what matters most to me. And that's how Islam raised me.

In the first place, the Muslims always inspire respect and fear through their dignified behavior, attachment to their religion and obedience to just laws, and their peacefulness. — Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Dark forces opposed to human awakening.mp3

Perfection - Good and Bad, Right and Wrong (Pt 1).mp3

Perfection - Good and Bad, Right and Wrong (Pt 2).mp3

Get Involved - Laying the Groundwork for Contact.mp3

Annunaki, Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt.mp3

This Place Called Earth.mp3

We may express the historical function of the 'Abbasid Caliphate by describing it as a reintegration and resumption of the Achaemenian Empire - a reintegration of a political structure which had been broken up by the impact of an external force and the resumption of a phase of social life which had been interrupted by an alien intrusion. — Arnold Toynbee

Once you know this is true, and you know that there are, not only intelligent life out there in the universe that’s here, but that we may have come from some of these civilizations, life on Earth may have been seeded from them, and then on top of that, there are sciences and technologies that are already existing that would give us a whole new civilization without poverty or pollution, that’s worth doing something about.