The Linear & Cyclical Parallels between Epitome Perennial  HollowDreamz  Energy & Rhythm

The journey of Rap Millionaire The Salloum from Epitome Perennial to HollowDreamz to Energy and Rhythm – this is the evolution...
It goes from understanding the social-economical structure and it's sobering realities (death of people leaders; sacrifices of "goodness", "inclusiveness", and "equitable justice") ᴱᵖᶦᵗᵒᵐᵉ ᴾᵉʳᵉⁿⁿᶦᵃˡ, to focusing on self (changing self to change the world) and expanding ʰᵒˡˡᵒʷᴰʳᵉᵃᵐᶻ, to then manifesting utmost potential for self through complete positive acceptance of circumstances via Faith by means of Yin/Yang ᴱⁿᵉʳᵍʸ & ᴿʰʸᵗʰᵐ en route the self-state of being in Wu Wei ˢᵒᵗᴬ.

HᴏʟʟᴏᴡDʀᴇᴀᴍᴢ is the beginning of the journey; to attain individualism & define for self what that represents.
Eᴘɪᴛᴏᴍᴇ Pᴇʀᴇɴɴɪᴀʟ represents individualism at its peak (reminiscent of self-actualization).
Between Epitome Perennial's Omega and HollowDreamz's Alpha is the idea that the existence of All is equal in merit, and all is valid ALONGSIDE / WITH the definitions of fear & segregation among existence.
This free-will form of infinite expression is what constitutes the theme of Eɴᴇʀɢʏ & Rʜʏᴛʜᴍ. The panacea is in the understanding (by, and from) of both sides.

Epitome Perennial → HollowDreamz →  Energy & Rhythm = the evolution of my own limitation, being released through these thematic projects of expression.
Epitome Perennial: is the constituted vision. A reflection of the past ... (revolutionary leaders killed) <–– one's inquiring of such climactic 'humanitarianism'.
HollowDreamz: is realizing the constitution of individuality for realizing that vision. It is dealing with the (initial) challenges (difficulties) constituting the maturation of, and realization of the vision. A reflection of the present ... (eccentrically delinquent men imprisoned) <–– one's "being tested" reflecting that potential reality.
Energy and Rhythm: A reflection of the future – the unknown ... (the abduction experience. interstellar communion) – befriending the unknown; acquainting oneness with all... joy of discovery - thrill of interaction - knowing everything you need to know to be who you are – but the specifics that are unknown are for the purpose of allowing the self to be known through the energy of self-discovery / revelation – the mechanism of growth.
The term unknown is not a negative, but a delicious anticipation of self-discovery... Delight in your timing, in your surprises.. Nothing is to be feared, you will only discover more of yourself. Creation exists, it all exists; and yet at the same time, it is being created anew, ongoing, forever. It will never all be complete, and yet it is all complete within itself - a paradox.

Energy & Rhythm is about alien abductions and the unknown, and how all of this can have a positive impact on us individually and on society in terms of the "looking-outside-of-oneself" paradigm-shift that it's able to create.
HollowDreamz was about the power of individuality, and of knowing-thyself.
Epitome Perennial was about peace and unity among the various nations, races of the world; anti-injustice.
Epitome Perennial preceded HollowDreamz because it is important to first identify where you wish to go. And if you do not end up going there, it is important to at least identify what is deemed as 'worthwhile' in this life (vision in purpose with creativity amidst authenticity).

Epitome Perennial begins with the legacy of death. 
As Seneca understood, to free yourself from fear you must work backward. You start with the thought of your mortality. You accept and embrace this reality. You think ahead to the inevitable moment of your death and determine to face it as bravely as possible. The more you contemplate your mortality, the less you fear it -- it becomes a fact you no longer have to repress. By following this path, you know how to die well, and so you can now begin to teach yourself to live well. 
You will not cling to things unnecessarily. You will be strong and self-reliant, unafraid to be alone. You will have a certain lightness that comes with knowing what matters -- you can laugh at what others take so seriously. The pleasures of the moment are heightened because you know their impermanence and you make the most of them. And when your time to die comes, as it will some day, you will not cringe and cry for more time, because you have lived well and have no regrets. -The 50th Law

Between HollowDreamz (alpha) and Epitome Perennial (omega) is Energy and Rhythm (lemniscate), and E&R signifies the infinite energies between the alpha and omega polar poles.

What's the foundation? It is first and foremost identifying what greatness is (morals, values, ethics, principles per Epitome Perennial). It is placing value upon your unique persona and gifts and talents & vision for self (uniqueness, authenticity, non-conformity per HollowDreamz). It is to accept and be like water among the world, to see God in everything, both good and evil, and to identify the self with both good and evil from an objective stand-point, as in to empathetically live out the self without fear en route one's totality and enlightenment of dreams via expansion of the conscious-mind even if it means learning the art of dying (per Energy & Rhythm). This is my journey toward becoming the best I can "Be".

Epitome Perennial is the philosophy for Everyone to accept Everyone.
HollowDreamz is the philosophy for Everyone to accept Themselves.
Epitome Perennial is Utopia defined.
HollowDreamz is the Alpha. To Know Thyself initiates en route the Omega.
Energy & Rhythm is its Praxis put into action. The ever-evolving, ever-self identifying hearkening of the unknown.
And what follows thereafter and onward constitutes (the) EXHIBITS.

EPITOME PERENNIAL is the championed path of the unique individuals reaching their utmost potential in serving mankind.
HOLLOWDREAMZ is the inner and social struggle one goes through to find and hearken their unique path, and persona.
ENERGY AND RHYTHM is about believing in the conviction of your truth, path, and persona. An evolutionizing of the self.
Furthermore building my catalog. finding myself via releasing 40 songs
SotA is of the philosophy that "You never make money by following the others. You make money by blazing your own trail. When you follow the others you never do anything original". -Bob Parsons

Epitome Perennial: is the constituted vision.
HollowDreamz: is realizing the constitution of individuality for realizing that vision. It is dealing with the (initial) challenges (difficulties) constituting the maturation of, and realization of the vision.
Energy and Rhythm: is it's manifested realization and catalog's its further maturation through experience.

HollowDreamz is the beginning of my journey. The alpha. The real struggles. 
Epitome Perennial represented the omega. The ending. The ideal. The dream. (The dream ~ 'greatness') I won't stop til I make it as far as I am inspired to go.

Epitome Perennial: For world unity, & the sacrifices of it.
HollowDreamz: Going against the grain of conformity; despair in trekking the trenches against the stream.
Energy & Rhythm: Relief, inspirational & boundless.

Epitome perennial: good
HollowDreamz: evil
Energy& rhythm: balance

It begins with identifying what’s right | epitome perennial.
And then the means to initiate such foundational mood | HollowDreamz.
And lastly, the macro and micro perceptions to hearken the vision that crosses by each bridge | Energy & Rhythm.
And then it is interpersonal spirit connected. Manifested into practice. In first person. Via gifts of strength. Upperhand empathy. A once “Solitude for aptitude” development Now put into practice through Action! A Will to power. Collaboration. Initiative. Moral uprightness.
#AdvanceRoyale #SotA #SRiFD #dMind #TheRed1 #KingSuleiman

Epitome Perennial - small jihad (the selves perspective/insight en route OMEGA/peace)
HollowDreamz - large jihad (the self's debacle/struggle en route OMEGA/peace)
Energy & Rhythm - fluidity

Linearities and Cyclical Parallels

Epitome Perennial is about all uniting together as one  it is the end all, be all  The Omega (Ω).
HollowDreamz is about all of us being our own individuals, maintaining our unique identities via authentic emotions, passions, talents — equating to integrity of character, as the beginning  The Alpha (α).
So what is the bridge? The bridge is, once all of us accept each other as unique individuals with equal rights (termination of racism, supremacy, prejudice; equity in opportunity), we will naturally become unified. Once one champions oneself, one is able to champion and accept others as champions themselves. There is no insecurity, no fear.
Energy and Rhythm serves as the catalyst to achieve such division by means of expansion of knowledge outside of the self. To be able to see and open ourselves up. To flow with the energies and rhythms of all of creation — to terminate all prejudice — and accept everything as being valid, with merit and purpose.  It is the processing of Earth unifying herself as soon as the infrastructural system matures beyond its current state and outreaches into the universe. Inter-galactic exploration will unify our terrestrial race evermore. Exploration into the infinite creation of all that is — The Lemniscate (∞).

Epitome Perennial was my first project and it represents utmost potential; it is the "omega" (Ω) of thy journey and aspirations, albeit from one perspective drearily so when noting the fate of those to reach such stature.
HollowDreamz was my second release but it is in fact the beginning of my journey; thus it is the "alpha" (α) in the grand scheme of life's journeying and hap-stance (as far as the plot goes).
So you have alpha (α) and omega (Ω). Between these two is the infinite () possibility one has for expressing one's self. Free-will. I can dress as I wish... Say what I want... Become who I wish to become. Etc. 
Energy and Rhythm is what life is made up of.
I mean this to the extent that good and evil are just energies and rhythms.
There is only "isness". All comes from God. Evil is destructive while good is constructive, but even evil itself is valid, by it's mere ability to exist serving as justification. It is free-will.
So Energy & Rhythm is about opening the self up, and going with the flow, having already incorporated a backbone unto oneself (by means of "HollowDreamz": being true to oneself, one's vision, one's purpose, one's goals; albeit, also evolving with the flow of life's energies and rhythms - which may be viewed as ordered or chaotic, depending on one's ability to reason and know thyself).
And with Epitome Perennial setting the end-goal in mind: of knowledge, freedom, human rights... Through principles and morals (knowledge of self, and wisdom from God). Epitome Perennial coincides to the Declaration of Independence of America. The freedom for a happy life made of prosperity for every living human being.
Epitome Perennial is the ending; The Omega (Ω). 
HollowDreamz is the Alpha (α); The beginning. 
Energy & Rhythm is the Lemniscate (), The infinite expression existing within the present moment.
So my lyrics reflect my use of free-will to manifest what I wish to experience in my current state (existence).

Epitome Perennial represents the past. 
HollowDreamz represented the now in it's day and time. 
Energy & Rhythm represents future opportunities.

The difference between HollowDreamz and Energy & Rhythm is that I am pulling myself together in a more holistic way. That goes for the lyrics and also the theme from Manson to the "extra-terrestrials are trying to connect with us" narrative. 
That is the purpose of Energy & Rhythm - the holistic coming together of the self and of the whole. 
From then on, it is a springing effect, a struggle, a jihad, a journey from that point forward.
So in summary: from struggling for this (Epitome Perennial leaders), unto hearkening the struggle within (HollowDreamz), to then recognize and label the struggle and see the proactive essence of how it may be brought about through conscious awareness toward greater expansion (Energy & Rhythm).

We are all perfect on a (Ωdivine level. But on this Earthly level we all have issues and lessons we must learn. 
Energy & Rhythm connects (the bridge between the ethereal and the physical world.
HollowDreamz reflects forlorn (worldly) and personal (social) feelings and dealings. But there is also hope (α) and inspiration within, from the jump-start of the journey thanks to wise proclivity and a well of energy toward justness and God's Law of equitable due and just law.
Epitome Perennial is about conscious and societal circumstances with analysis and my viewpoint of inference, plugged from my point of view.

How do I go from being unique self, and not conforming, to enlightening thought of alien existence? 
Where does that bridge connect? The positive acceptance of ALL possibilities makes one powerful!

Energy & Rhythm is the tapping into the God being of the self. There is not only 1 is-be. Everybody is an is-be! It is the call to take responsibility of one's own power; unto one's innate influence and being.

HollowDreamz reflects the false/amnesiac notion that there is only 1-god, all-powerful IS-BE. And that no one else is or is allowed to be an Is-be. Obviously this is the work of the "old Empire" amnesia operation [pg. 72].
The last thing the covert amnesia/hypnosis/prison system wants to do is reveal themselves to the IS-BEs on Earth. They feel this would restore the inmates memories. This is the real reason all traces of physical encounters are hidden, disguised, covered-up, denied... E&R aims to break free of the matrix institutionalism [pg 85].

Energy & Rhythm: the X factor that is variably ever existent - as emoted - is thy coming-to-terms; thy-conviction, thy-action, thy-constructive rebellion...  x-factor = the truth of free-will. 
Theme: the awe of expansion; you can only expand consciousness through true-to-self ubiquity.
Epitome Perennial
Who is killing these people leaders? What is the mentality behind destroying movements of justice and peace. Of equitable change for fairness and right of opportunity.

Look at the enemies perspective and what they are saying. And the product they've become within a construct of matrix society.

Energy and Rhythm
All inclusive. It represents the factors at play and an expression of infinity. The justification for all expressions, neither perennial top, nor constructs of the paths, but ALL therein and in between; "good" and "bad".

Artist Epitome Perennial
Fundamentalist HollowDreamz
Humanist Energy & Rhythm
Each asks the same questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life?
The artist and the fundamentalist arise from societies at differing stages of development.
The artist is the advanced model. 
His culture possesses affluence, stability, enough excess of resource to permit the luxury of self-examination.
The artist is grounded in freedom. He is not afraid of it. He is lucky. 
He was born in the right place. He has a core of self-confidence, of hope for the future. 
He believes in progress and evolution. 
His faith is that humankind is advancing, however haltingly and imperfectly, toward a better world.
Fundamentalism is the philosophy of the powerless, the conquered, the displaced and the dispossessed.
What exactly is this despair? It is the despair of freedom. 
The dislocation and emasculation experienced by the individual cut free from the familiar and comforting structures of the tribe and the clan, the village and the family.
The fundamentalist cannot stand freedom. He cannot find his way into the future, so he retreats to the past.
He returns in imagination to the glory days of his race and seeks to reconstitute both them and himself in their purer, more virtuous light. He gets back to basics. To fundamentals. 
When fundamentalism wins, the world enters a dark age.
The humanist believes that humankind, as individuals, is called upon to co-create the world with God. 
This is why he values human life so highly. In his view, things do progress, life does evolve; each individual has value, at least potentially, in advancing this cause.

It may be that the human race is not ready for freedom. The air of liberty may be too rarefied for us to breathe. The paradox seems to be, as Socrates demonstrated long ago, that the truly free individual is free only to the extent of his own self-mastery. While those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them.

Epitome Perennial is the summit viewpoint looking down to the valleys (the summit: where common principles, agreements, and hopes are found among all; perennialism: the respect of all routes).
HollowDreamz is a valley viewpoint looking up to the summit (respect in understanding that there are various routes).
Energy & Rhythm is the desert of infinity with no defined route (critical thinking: that I am not sure my path is the right path to walk. I am sometimes in contradiction with my own values. That all paths are worthy. That evil is a perspective that can be understood for its validity. Intellectual empathy: that a kid bullying is wrong, but understanding that such kid was bullied growing up, thus we empathize through understanding his situation... compassion and forgiveness. -- the starting point of this is, "know to like your own self - SotA"

Epitome Perennial is proactively disciplined and rational, all of the speeches are rational and logical.
HollowDreamz - reach higher is the mastering of your emotions to free yourself.

HOLLOWDREAMZ: represents the obstacle that must be overcome.
ENERGY&RHYTHM: The call to action - the idea of what it is you're all about. You're excitement and passion that pulls you from what might be your less preferred life toward the one you really do prefer... There may be resistance at first (debris of hollowdreamz), yet it is all about the idea of transforming the resistance and overcoming the inertia so that you are willing to overcome and answer that call to be more of yourself and jump into it and not resist it any further (ENERGY&RHYTHM). 
THEN I Will be on the journey (en route SotA) so as to encounter archetype components (the mentor/teacher whom will guide me/an enemy). Along this journey, there will be moments that will allow me to experience fear and doubt (i.e. trust in a belief that is out of alignment with my true self) -- components essential for experiencing the process of this story structure. There will be those moments wherein you will experience a variety of beings who will be in and out of alignment so as to grant perspective unto self; to challenge me to move forward, to look deep within and examine what I am holding on to as a belief; to examine the story I am telling myself about self; and decide for myself, which really is MY story and which elements do not belong in my story, being, preference, joy, passion, excitement.
Energy & Rhythm is based upon releasing who I thought I was to be, letting go, and thus speeding up the process of manifestation through being enlightened by lightening up and going with the sway of thy spirit, allowing the higher mind to lead the way for me through and through, in all experiences. It is letting go of victimization, loneliness, disconnection, self-loathing, resentment; all the struggling, all the suffering, all the doubt, all the fear, comes from the misunderstanding of who you are, and thus resisting your natural self due to being afraid to give up that control from the physical mind to the greater self for which it was designed.

When you give up the weight and infuse yourself with the passion of being passionate, the levels of synchronicity will explode in your life - miraculous, uplifting, levitating - you will be flying in many different ways - accelerating, opening up, feeling the love that's always been there.

Each project projects the journey of thy inner jihad within thy journey back to the One (epitome perennial, thus is the omega; but in my journey it is the beginning as defined by my aim of vision to be encompassed upon in the end). The One is within me (hence, Sa "1" loum). The One is absolute among "all that is" (energy & rhythm). "All that is" characterizes heavens (over), hells (under), and the physical dunya (median). My creation is the experience of this (hence, S.A.1.L.O.U.M.). My inner intelligence seeks/my existence is inclined toward 1Love (hence sa "1L" oum). "Sa"1loum signifying thy initials (Suleiman Aloul).
1 (one)
Over (heaven)
Under (hell)
Median (dunya)
Energy&Rhythm: a propulsion expansion into the existence of the light. Idealism, reality, existentialism.....
Energy&Rhythm: 'authenticity', in the context of existentialism, is being true to one's own personality, spirit, or character.}
Energy&Rhythm thesis: there is energy and chaos (on a micro level), yet everything fits and makes perfect sense.. thus, energy and rhythm.

energy&rhythm: life consists of energy. There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only life. 
Yin Yang = Alpha Omega = Father Mother = Electro Magnetism....... proton/electron; they balance each other out and you can't have anything without one or the other. It might be worth considering that this is a limited teaching that can keep us trapped in the illusion that there is nothing beyond this level of consciousness and keep us trapped in our lesser sense of identities. I believe there is a deeper and more loving interpretation which holds some keys to our own victory and spiritual freedom.

If Yang is Omega, which is evil, dark, negative, then how is it that the Omega symbolizes Epitome Perennial which is supposedly the light, positive, the Yin? It is the artistic endeavor, toward defining the definite aim of vision, keeping the eye on the prize from beneath sea level, in the well, en route the climb to heavens of divine ways above, yet in mind of the traveler as the goal towards which to reach and expose, propose, and implode into, en route lays evanescence (HollowDreamz); yet electro-magnetism divinely aspires toward this haven, intelligently (WotA); essence of existence is composed of energy which balances phony and real, illusion and truth, ignorance and knowledge, so as to victoriously queue victory and spiritual freedom (Energy & Rhythm); cultivated (SotA), attained and matured (SRiFD, DMind, etc.).

This contrast symbolizes the existence of wisdom of the ages, Energy and Rhythm. Everything is made of energy, period. There is no good, or evil in actuality. Everything is neutral; it is only our thoughts that label circumstances as evil or good. Everything is electro-magnetism. This is what Energy and Rhythm represents, and expresses as its theme, Electro Magnetism.

MY MUSIC SERIES (idealism) en route THY OPUS (realism)

How about I touch on questioning why we murder those who represent justice/universality (mlk jr. Gandhi. Mandela. JFK. Lennon). #EpitomePerennial

And whence we understand such reasoning behind these men’s fatalistic endings, we notice a society that quite figuratively parallels with the reality of mass shootings that occur on a year to year basis.

We recognize that the consumerist driven culture of capitalism in America is partly to blame and at fault for such vengeful discontents among the “weak” and ostracized in society. #hollowDreamz

So then we find out that the best way to live is to follow one’s strengths and purposes and to find usefulness in giving such inclinations to the world - so as to feel of benefit and to garner tangible reward off such value granted to self, for others, by self. #SotA

En route that journey of self-realization for each individual, society as a whole shall and will begin to look outside of itself [as components of individuals in competition with one another (nations, countries, foreign affairs, political sovereignty)], and will look above and beyond so as to find its place amidst an inter-galactic community. And whence such happens- Earth’s progress will indelibly expedite with advantage and team work, and “frivolous” matters that were once forsaken for the sake of monetary gain (which granted power/freedom/stature/leverage once upon a time) will now be equivocated into the well beingness of ourselves - such as the conditions of environment, poverty, famine, floods, etc., for everybody will have a part to play on the wholesome picture of what constitutes mother Earth’s significance in the inter-galactic society that it is but a piece of the pie in. Such inter-galactic society will have its own affairs of entropy and turmoil in the way Earth currently experiences such - in terms of sovereign nations and governments being at odds and lacking in trusting one another 100% through and through. #Energy&Rhythm

Until such ends meet - stay moving toward your talents and strengths.

Spread positivity and excellence with a can-do attitude.

And make as much money as you can ethically so as to enable abundance in your life and in the lives of those around you, personally and communally.

There are only 4 laws in creation.
1) you exist 
2) one is all, the all are one 
3) what you put out is what you get back 
4) everything changes except the first 4 laws
The point of the Earth is to accelerate from the dark to the light, more rapidly than any other world. 
This is called the rubber-band analogy: the further you are in the dark, the farther you will move to light. 
Thus, hollowDreamz represents the darkness, whereas Energy & Rhythm is the up-spring from hollowDreamz.

The multiverse is a way of saying that within the infinite oneness, there are an infinite number of variations of that oneness, thus then forming a large oneness that contains variations of itself. 
The multiverse is part of the one, yet each multiverse is a universe in of itself.

Linearities & cyclical parallels of EpitomePerennial & HollowDreamz & Energy&Rhythm

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