01 - Gamebreaker Ft. John E. Mack (Intro)
02 - Join us
03 - Heart of the City
04 - Where They At
05 - Costs To Be The Boss
06 - Reagan's United Nations (Interlude)
07 - End of the Road
08 - Family Business
09 - Life In The Moonlight Ft. Gary Woodson
10 - Frustration
11 - Carlin on ETs (Interlude)
12 - The Setup 
13 - Ride With You
14 - Navy Message (Interlude)
15 - Champ 
16 - Precious Time Ft. Umi
17 - Vision of Fifth Dimension (Interlude)
18 - Starry Eyed
19 - The Pleiadians Message (Outro)
20 - Regression Ft. Peter Faust
21 - Dawn of Development

Join Us
A Charlottesvillian Palestinian breaking through to the mainstream
My career goal – to make a fortune rapping
Talented, skilled and impassioned, yeah, I live bold
My life has been a maze but with faith
Principles and morals kept me on my way
A man of drive, inspiration, integrity
My legacy – I’m a poet, philosophical and stoic
My rhymes grant me influence
My message is that of excellence
I tap the inner wells of my potential
To travel international and be admired by my listeners
That's a positive I acknowledge worth more than profit-dollars in my pockets
Touching all cultures
I aim to be free – metaphorically, spiritually
So I can be free physically, literally
To be a winner in life I make a way
Opportunity is present for those to seek
And progress comes to those with God’s zeal
Never in defeat - I transformed what was weak in me to steel
Through mastery, practice – I conquered all my fears
My thoughts and purpose became my steering wheel
Stronger, wiser, upright and righteous I became
Life is a but a game
The universe favors those honest and virtuous
It yields to effort and intelligence

I own what I am
I know that I can admit to mistakes and still be the man
Satan rules the world but still he’s under God and it’s all understood
From the hood to the palaces
Underdogs: you're far better off rising
Than being born rich to live a life retiring
Cause hardships made greats
I’m aiming for large stakes
It took a bit a faith and a lot of courage
A little doubt to tinge the nerves  
What’s the verdict?
Hardships ouched the heart but inked the pen
I’m a one of a kind
Unique to my kin
Heart of gold, soul unsold
Ya never seen my type before
All this rape and war leaves hope torn
But all is perfect in the eyes of the Maker
How else to fathom mother nature
From Iblis to Shaiton things change – summer, winter, fall
And that’s the law of Allah

We’re all gods in our own right
Just gotta let divine channel it to sight
& science - at a fraction of being right
Shout out to Tesla and all the leaders of the movements making things better
They hate it when I dream
I got it so I cock it
Now watch me blossom like it’s Spring
hop-scotch haters, living figurines
I carve aspirations and elevate into placement
I figured I'm a King

I’m encouraged to achieve dreams, attain assets, and be revered
As one of the best to ever grace the mic from east to west
A blessing with which I was blessed
To get s!^% off my chest, yes
Spewing truth from the booth
I do it for the youth who keep it G for genius
`Til they mold to the scene of the mainstream
And base their self-esteem on the bulls!^%
I bring the mainstream to my lane like Nasir was my name
Since '88 I’ve been the same
I set the base with HollowDreamz
The Alpha to Omega
Medianed by energies and rhythms
It was all once a figment `til I searched it out
From 9/11 to Dr. Mack
You can find the truth in crevices of library isles
What’s this world about? 
"Real recognize real" in due time
Abductees speaking stories throughout the times
No matter race or pecking order

The average is the army
The poor – the motivation for the cause
The world's a playground for the rich
A slave ship for those trapped in that sh!%%y job
Turkish is the name
Islamic are the roots
With attitudes like 'Ye and feelings like Drake
One of the best of the Middle East living in the West
I’m a stellar Semitic
For the love of the arts - I express poetics
Elegant and smooth
The young Salloum
It was written I’d get on
I ball hard with these bars
I released tracks and garnered buzz
Shout-out 'Roots Rocks Reggae'
They held a brother down
This young G would hop shop to shop
From Corner Store to Ike's Underground
Clemons gave the kid a chin
Alderman helped me reach deep within
In this proclaimed “hardest industry”
I got that will to win

Heart Of The City
49% is evil 
49% is good
That 1% is neutral, that, "you know you should"

I command respect unto self
Hearken struggles with grace
We’re all one in the same
How cliché
Still they try to sell it different 
But more alike than different, every single way
Blessed with strength of faith
My confidence helped pave the way
A higher aim can make you great
We all want and fear the same
That’s how we all relate

Made it down to Texas
Reckless in the eyes of relatives
Hexed with what it cost the kid
Half a year
Verdicts made
NYC the place to be
Headed up town with G's down the drain
Flushing, Queens
Where the prince laid
A young stunner
It’s been seen
Trying to make it seen again
This time more than just in my dreams
I rise like sun
See stars in scenes of horror
I see the Sun in scenes of aha!
I’m on par to take this rap s#!% far
Married to the game
Jealous is her highness
So no time to cop a dame
I give my life sake for Hip-Hop to reign across all states one day
I’m her messenger
Not to mention wisdoms tell me all I need is just one queen
She be the backbone to the King
I be that chairman of the scene next to Kapow
I be the fly fella on the poster
Universal the holster
And when I lay to rest
The way they celebrate my death
Will judge the value of all I left
All I want for self is Truth
This poetry is power
A gift of rarity
I let the past be the past
I look past miseries

Not everybody hates
Some want to see you do your thing
In need of console was my soul
Having seen the world as being cold
Thoughts of me against the world
That was me on the come up
Scared that my dreams wouldn't turn up
Torn apart by my own fears of time slipping
But the hand of God blessed me
With the gift to reap riches with the talent I was given
So I place a bet that I’ll reap the wealth Solomon beget
When he held with faith as he faced the tests God bestowed him with
So whether now or later
I’m sure I’ll reap paper but cautious to not lose flavor
Cause that’s a hefty wager when talking who can do it better
Was told to leave the `ville and head to:
"Make it here, you can make it anywhere!"
Make it here, you can make it anywhere!

Back against the wall
An underdog
word to God
an under-card
That’s when I ball hard with the most heart
Still attaining for a mil
Easily attained with some courage and a will
Surely, I’ll bring it back to the `ville
And let them know that it’s real
Surely I’ll bring it back to the `ville
And let them know that it’s real that it's real

Unbelieving the scheming impeding my dreaming
I'm hearing whispers from those
Who once loved me unconditional
Speak of my existence as being non-existent
Knowing time evaporates and moods change
I’m wishing I could go back to my younger days
No longer hoping
I’m believing
Speaking s!^% into existence cause believing is my seeing
And the reason: one life to live
Potent with conviction
Too potent to let it slip into oblivion
Scorning those I see as foreigners
Reasons for the friction
I don't know whether to give it up or say, 'word'
Vulnerability is weakness in this vulture culture
Where soft and sweet too soon could lead you to the farewell tune
How did I get here? Who made me?
I parachute the mind
Think, ponder: How? What? And why?

This is real life
Skip the fake
Claim ya stake
Guard your plate
Aim to overtake

When Biggie said he was "Ready To Die" they trigger-aimed
When Pac was crucified
7-days told the same
Sacrifices of the rubrics
Constituted through the music
Granted glory through poetic movements
Both God's pupils

Where They At
As I think about the days that have passed
I feel blessed for having witnessed the past
I’m fortunate with a fam to feed and give me shelter
Parents tried to tie me down
Couldn't handle the kid
I do for self
Live the path meant for me to reap with no regrets
I live to be my best self
So you're left to select to either be down or be out
Cause in less than fifty I’ll be out
The nicer the skills the more honest the soul
They wonder how I spit the real
I don’t mind being vulnerable
Born with blessings unequal to garner mass appeal
I stepped forth to manifest it to real
But ended up getting kicked out for the nil I did
A bonafide
Enlightening with my thoughts
A proper star
On par to ball with moves and ill grooves
A rap flow to make mils touring the world
I live it do or die
Convinced it’s real by the way I feel inside
A chosen one to reap the dough
Dreaming more awake than when asleep
I was keen on chasing for my dreams
Sweating thoughts in the form of tears holding me in low esteem
Nothing comes without hardship
Forgiveness freshens the spirit — evaporates demons
Muslims the new danger
Who after that?
Hopefully extra-terrestrials so we can join in unison as brethren just like Reagan said

I see the middle class comfortable
Dudes my age who have it made
I can relate but aim juxtapose
Cause comfort kills the flow of the King
Would rather see the real than sit pleasantly with peasantry
My passion sows the path of where I wanna be
Paid or not - not a factor
So long as my time is proactive
Get up off the couch
Turn the tele off 
Let the fire in your heart speak aloud all that it’s about
Got the gift and the grind
With the spirit to make the dream appear in due time
Never will I succumb
Blessed with the native language tongue of the drums
This is greatness in the making
One of the best
Witness the essence
Unafraid to meet the reaper
Unafraid of public speaking
So unequal to the common people
That’s how I reap what they all appeal
I’m just afraid of facing God having unaccomplished all I could
Preyed upon once upon a time ago - hated on
Still given love & props undeniable
With dreams of being a mogul
At my best ya never seen my type before, yes
Worth the world to witness
It was written I’d get on
Nervous on the come up
But quick to overcome my doubts
I propelled above the public
Spitting bars on the mall downtown
Breaking ground en route tearing stages down
World-renowned - born a star
Showmanship's got me living large
Seeking more than respect
I’m giving to forget
Hands callused - I can handle that
Dollar balance in my bank vanished
That was once a fact
Month to month living
Reaping through my tunnel vision knowing I would get it
Like pollen in the Spring 
I’m versatile with the green
From various jobs to hustling writing papers for my akh
But the money don’t mean sh&* if time is being lost
So I had to refocus
Helping out another live better someday made me notice
"Preservation of self" reigns supreme
TO BE A “King” yep, That's the modus operandi 

The come up was hard 
But easy compared to those who starve
So worth going through it all
A little focus with some hate to motivate
I came into this game a rap rippa
They said that I changed
But f&*% what they thought
I never gave a f&*%
While they stayed the same chasing dames
Seeking gains with their swindling ways
I aimed to have my name sway with the Jays and Pacs
Big Ls and K. Dots
A proust of the middle class
The better done the more I garner respect
Done for self
Done for those oppressed
I peak at every ebb
Flow through every rough
More scared to die by adapting like the rest
Than dying pushing myself to the ultimate
Most who got it are scared to cock it
They end up robotic
Let others stall their rocket
But I rebel
To some I'm just a kid on his path
To others - just some white trash
But to me the best
Anything less - I wouldn’t suggest
Hard-pressed to find a dame I can dialogue with
On a level I have never felt
Cause most live the modern lore
Like: safe and secure
The one I'm destined to be with will be as unique as me
With an open-heart, rebellious mind
A spirit that relates to every living being
While maintaining her one of a kind
I turn the horrible to beautiful through musicals 
To uplift me to my pinnacle
A winner in this game of life
A captain when it comes to rights
Why do most cry: fear and stress
Rarely tears from being blessed

Costs To Be The Boss
It costs to be the boss, yeah
And this life here comes with a price
You could be in the back of the club 
Popping the bub but you still gotta keep an eye out on the haters
The boss, yeah
And this life here comes with a price
I'm telling you
You get caught slipping
Your family and friends will go missing
It costs to be the boss, yeah

I used to sit back and relax
Soaking in knowledge of the teachers preaching teachings garbage
Symbiotic of the devils wrath to sabotage your logic
Unbeknownst to the soul of the young jo
I used to soak it in
Hearken lessons taught to me and my kin
Trapped in a mask unfit for progressing towards my max
Sitting mid-lap
Thinking why I'm being lapped
Started scripting scenes to bring my vision dreams to reality
Spring me up out of these demons to weigh on me like a cap salary
Catapult me to a level past transgressors
Where elevators elevate players to plateaus of regulators
Busting caps then busting nuts in pussy cats
Elevating mother nature statuses
I pen to pad it
Spit it to the world
Plunge to depths of life
Where happenings to me & mine
Assort the path built for me and mine to shine
SignedSalloum on the mic

It costs to be the boss, yeah
And this life here comes with a price
You could be in the back of the club 
Popping the bub but you still gotta keep an eye out on the haters
The boss, yeah
And this life here comes with a price
I'm telling you
You get caught slipping
Your family and friends will go missing
It costs to be the boss, yeah

Jealousies perpetrating felonies
Perpetuated by discrepancies
Teen fiends stealing in the streets
I'm seeing: bizarre kills over deals 
Where they're reeling meals in
For the healings of the stomach rumblings
Word mumbling from drunks stumbling
I'm seeing in the streets killings near the churches
Where they're kneeling for forgiveness 
Hailing scriptured verses read from books
Bringing profits to the pockets of the crooks
Fatal casualties as casual fatalities
Ministers preaching teachings of the prophets
Directed sinister to cocking glocks and popping
Only stopped if bodies dropped to rot in coffins
Poetic philosophy spoken out against atrocities
En route a glory for the One I spark light
Forming life through the thoughts I think
Clean and clear unlike visions of fear
Salloum on the mic

It costs to be the boss, yeah
And this life here comes with a price
You could be in the back of the club 
Popping the bub but you still gotta keep an eye out on the haters
The boss, yeah
And this life here comes with a price
I'm telling you
You get caught slipping
Your family and friends will go missing
It costs to be the boss, yeah

End Of The Road
I feel like I'm stuck in the end
I feel like I'm stuck in the end
I feel like I'm stuck in the end
I feel, I feel stuck up in the end
Cause I feel I'm in the road 
Cause I feel like I'm running to the end of the road
Cause I feel I'm in the road 
Cause I feel like I'm running to the end of the road
I feel, I feel stuck up in the end

I lean on my heart to lead me through the dark
A DiamondMind to execute the part
With intuition to soothe through frictions
I go hard with this art
I'm made to persevere
I make a fortune off your ears from these songs
The same way they make a fortune
Propagating fears and dropping bombs
Not a prophet of a supper
Nor the biggest in the jungle
Just a brother to play my part
Before I depart this dunya
A boss of the vision
Would rather teach than do the fishing
This rap was my call
The game was in me
Since the date I came into being
I give this thing my all
Bold I became when I was homeless
From risky-living to that same risk
Making me six-digit figures - go figure
Living in a divot could've left me poor - oh Lord
"But if it doesn't scare you then not worth your time", ibn Olu Dara told. . .  .
That fueled my diligence
Gave me perseverance
Made me insistent to get passed the bullsh$%#
See the glist in my eye - that’s the glist that signifies I’ll never die

I feel like I'm stuck in the end
I feel like I'm stuck in the end
I feel like I'm stuck in the end
I feel, I feel stuck up in the end
Cause I feel I'm in the road 
Cause I feel like I'm running to the end of the road
Cause I feel I'm in the road 
Cause I feel like I'm running to the end of the road
I feel, I feel stuck up in the end

I’m feeling with my heart
Leading with my head
Doing what I ought
Cause in 40 I’ll be dead
From the `ville where dependence laid to rest
Having authored independence for the rest
Bred to play the game
Heart of gold
Soul unsold
Dough from all around the globe
My style like the Nile flows
I make who never knew know
Did I say by the way I rarely entertain a h*&
Was told to join the squad
That had me saying f^%& naw
I setup my own squad
You know how I ball when I stand apart hard
An under-card
Word to God
I'm a boss
A superstar in tarot cards
With sums backing me 
I lead with esteem like a King
Cause they see I got that will supreme
Integral to my roots
Focused on my game
To make the cream
Influence the world off of what I'm saying. . .  .
But a dream don't mean s%^!
If you’re not living it every single scene
I'm just a channel for the vision God put inside me  

I feel like I'm stuck in the end
I feel like I'm stuck in the end
I feel like I'm stuck in the end
I feel, I feel stuck up in the end
Cause I feel I'm in the road 
Cause I feel like I'm running to the end of the road
Cause I feel I'm in the road 
Cause I feel like I'm running to the end of the road
I feel, I feel stuck up in the end

Family Business
She's got that elegant nature
Peculiar and intelligent
Just like I knew her way before I met her
Eventually I knew I'd meet her
One who I could spend my life entire with but unwilling 
Cause craving more than I can digest
She’s got that simple smile
Bright and elegant style
Where ya from?
And do you rock the hijab with proper intentions or for style?
I'm a young don
Rather unique
A pawn to king
With Qur’an in my palm and dope songs to put me on
I long to meet my one
A red carpet partner to join the prince
I like a girl who takes care of her man
The same way she takes care of her frame

Unique, petite, and sweet
With a mind that’s deep
Yeah that’s all I need
I trust my heart I’ll know when she’s the one
I never get the ones I want
Only those that want me
They do the deed then they leave

Life In The Moonlight


White or black, Arab, bi, or alien
I’m a Homo sapien
USA born-and-bredded
Semitic blooded so what the f&*% is anti-Semitic
I went from broke to heavy-breaded
All the while getting s!^% off my chest
I got that vision like I'm Machiavelli
A working champ of the oppressed
I don't wanna go to parties
I don't wanna f%^ girls
I just want to travel the world and stack stacks
My akhs in squalor has me bothered
Can’t help but layout facts
How unjust can go without reply
"To each their own"
Is the way it goes but still I ask why
On this planet we call home
Where you're left to pick your side
All is valid, including the malice
For better or worse
Subjective but relevant
Another's gem could be hell for the kid
And "hell" bliss - for the devil 'Iblis'
Deep lyrics to fresh beats
ill moves with a flow to make mils
Awaiting to get my foot in the door of this business

I learnt more from life than the papers I was told to write
Would rather court the knowledge
Than be fed the garbage
They say false knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance
Some tests made me timid
Others courageous
Was negligent toward dollars being spent on my education
I guess you could say I was a bit rebellious
But still attaining through the flipping of pages
Seeking answers for "why’s"
Honing up my skills for when I reach a prime
Where I’m making mils touring with the rhymes
A 40 yr old mind in a body some odd years young
I make calls to my grandmas
Cause soon, yeah - that day will come
Only sin done is sin done in contracept
Not out of ignorance but self-respect
I sip Merlot to lift pains off my chest
I give myself `til 30 to see seven digits in my bank
I believe - scratch that, I expect
I had to hustle hard
An under-card
Word to God
I'm a boss
To my mom and pops - I'm just a son
A gentleman when I want
Watch where you take your mind
Put your ears
Place your eyes
Move toward your fears
And learn to run your own
Discipline yourself to get inside your zone

If you got it, cock it - if you ain't gonna do nothing with it then don't aim that s!^%

Speaking truth to power
Sparks heart in the kid
F&% with me and that's the dream
If not for that then why am I here?
Tunnel visions drew my means to achieve
Perseverance brought me out the rough
Discipline made me tough
I didn't love self cause my mama didn't back my wants
I was just fighting to make it seen
When already it was here
I was just denying it like a non-believer by Elohim
But I knew if I gave in I’d regret it
So I dug deeper
A shy infatuate
Call me that creeper immaculate
These are my thoughts
These are my dreams
This is my desire
I live to aspire and inspire
I seek the freedom it brings
The toughest part is in the beginning
Where hope reigns supreme
But reality maintains
Still eyeing a means to attain
With faith as small as a mustard seed
And hope to manifest it real
Will I see the proof that dreams can come alive despite reality's truth
This is the inauguration of a G into the game
The Salloum


I cannot serve a purpose that I do not belong to
I must come to this planet and fulfill my spirit
This is not a joke
This is real life
Real life, motherf$%&
Real life, man
You need to follow your mother^^%$ joys and excitement everybody
Then we can have peace and unity in the world

I do sh&% supreme by any means
Doing sh!% brethren in my city have never seen
Spitting bars on the mall
I couldn't get a job
So I honed the bars
Seven years in a dorm working towards that 9-5 workforce
Was torturous but a blessing
Gave the king time to develop
Reading books
Writing rhymes
Seeking teachings of the glorious Qur’an
To be great sometimes you got to live wild
My greatest fear:
That my pops wouldn't see his youngest chandelier
Rarely bored so barely sinning
I’m an entrepreneur
A poet
With aims to make millions
Never seen a fly brother like this before
This Hip-Hop is my soul 
More than a song - a way of life
Like the glorious Qur'an
Airing truth from the booth
Check what I’ve created over time
Its linear like life
Cyclical like life
I’m intellectually inclined

I touch all nodes
From the boujee to trife
Attract wealth through acts of courage
I embrace knowledge
To bless the rest—that’s my heart’s purpose
I’m futuristic with the visuals I see
Ya see I've been balling
Unabout the dollar but the dollar's somehow always been about this baller
I’m afraid of wasting mine
That’s talent and time
I heard the clock of life *tick
Fading like the sunset in Diego
I mold my life like Play-Doh
But nothing to play with though
So adhering words from Plato
Too many books to read
Too many stories to deliver into speech
I care about it all
But not giving a f^% Is how I reached this far
I’m reaching heights from which most are scared to fall
Watch me ball
Whether rejected or reveled
I’m revealing myself to be remembered
A renegade doing what I must
And peacing out to those who don’t adjust
Like a diamond from the rough
I got that shine
See it in my eyes
The light inside signifies that I'll never die
20 g's to rise when I RIP goodnight
As my body rests
At peace with death
As the Earth feeds on one of her best
It be the money, power, greed to corrupt the seeds
Preservation of self
That’s the rule of life
Between the mainstream and underworld
Is the boldness in the trife

I’m familiar amongst inferiors
And rarely losing sleep over opinions of the sheep
I rid my fear of death living my purpose
Trek different from the rest yes
Flexin for that millio by thirty
She had told me she had never seen my type before
The way I moved swift and cool on the dance floor
They can change your mind
But they can't ever change your heart
Or your drive to shine
Like the stars do in the dark

What’s to be will be
Just believe
Do what your heart feels
And let divine take care of details
From the start I was a young glider
Visualizing scenes pre-them being seen
I honed the gift
God delivered the wish
From athletics to lyrics 
I’m doing me and getting rich
Where doubts caused pains
Pains brought rains but I overcame
When all doubted, I maintained
Made it through the jaded
Awakened to that same face I was born with
My wise conscience spoke it: "up to you kid!"
And I believed
Built faith through belief in self
Patience was once one of my tests
Now is one my strengths
My parents threatened to neglect
If I didn't shape to what they’d expect
They couldn’t see it - the vision
But I said f^& it & kept steering
Cause I'm living for the reason that I came into being
And that’s per diem

Check Gibran, "On Children"
If you don’t get what I mean
I was on the rise `til I stumbled
Rumbled my way back to the top
Wise verses accompanying my thoughts
A vice pardoner
A king
A star
To live free financially
Yeah that’s the dream
To free my people from defeat is my reality
To reign supreme
That’s the destiny
Bred a king by the thoughts that my diamondMind thinks 
ya mean

The Setup
Islam helped me through the rocky roads
Don't believe that sh!t you hear up on the news
I got that confident soul that only 3% really know
I'm humbled by those to scold not even knowing the boy

Islam helped me through the rocky roads
Don't believe that sh!% you hear up on the news
I got that confident soul that only 3% really know
I'm humbled by those to scold
Not even knowing the boy
Enthusiasm - that’s the key to your goal
Persistence - that’s the key to reap all the gold
I do my own thing
In my own time
In my own lane
Whoever thought I wouldn’t win
Didn’t know one thing
Un-in my blood to give up
Like, “it could never happen” 
Stats based on the masses
I give a f$% about the average
Til death do me to the dirt
I put in work
Making magic
From sun-up to dusk
Then dawn and once again I’m on
Hands to ears
Palm atop of palm
Reciting scriptures of the glorious Qur’an
Heartbreaks put me in a lull
But ante’d up the strength
Like a boxer in a match against a caliber champ
Yea, that's how I step

A potent poet
Influential with the rhymes
Influential with the grind
Influential goes down in time
A spirit agent clocking hours
This is God’s making
Through these rhymes that I spit I bear myself naked
I escape critics and narrow minds and mean spirits
Cause too blessed to stress
Shout-out to Jay at Keswick

We all came from nothing
We all aim for something
Was once asked about love
What it was
Never tripping on a h&*
Marmalades and cutie pies catch a glance though
Infatuation - that's that curse en route that mental hearse
To place you in reverse - put at your worst
Sidetracked from writing rhymes would be that first
To leave me living average
But hard to fathom
Cause it be the potent poems
For ya'll to know about the boy with the flow
Alone in my zone
I'll never let the s#% go 
Mining rhymes from my soul
To rock stages overseas
Yeah that’s the goal
With blessings from God
I feel honored
I used to question why he chose to make me such a baller
From tennis to soccer to martial arts
Plus achievements in religion
C’s and d’s on my report cards
Mom and pops had me tested
Thinking I was senseless
Rather bored
What the f^&% is this they want me to learn
Feeling f#$%^ perturbed

I had a gift to give
A greater a way to live 
I wasn’t interested in learning what the rest did
That's the truest sign of intellect, Einstein said
So me sewing this
Is just me in pocket
God bless
We got enough lawyers and doctors
We need more artists
So I connected with the vision
To make the six-digit figures
Spitting knowledge elixir

Courageous and bold
Different from the norm
Sex mutation helped developed my form
A diamondMind aiming for the sky
At 28 years old 
40% percent of my story’s been told
I bunt naysayers
Confront fears
Work towards the dream
Then pray
Then let the rest sit in hands of serendipity, amen
Reaching for my apex before I'm laid to rest
A fate 300k go through every day
It’s just a natural process
Laziness and fear
The reason most never progress
We let it stop our dreams
But got visions for the cream
With an oath to reign supreme
In a house guided by Elohim
Guarded through respect
"Virtues and talents" constitute the best, Jefferson said
I speak for truth
Doing me `til I succeed
Won’t quit `til I’m deceased
So en route succeeding `til I'm set free
Means I’ll never be in defeat

I kept space from phonies and crooked smiles with alligator eyes
who told me, then became ones to show me
still I love, hold no grudge
I live from my heart through a talent unmatched
To leave a legacy to last after I depart

Hollowdreamz - that was the start α
Epitome: the omega Ω
Energy & Rhythm: that’s the journey of the player 

Ride With You


Potent are my dreams
When they reject I pick my hustle up
How else to reach this far but with might
Back against the wall brings out the fight
The coolest have parachutes for minds
And tolerance can make existence twice as nice
Yin & yang
Sin & grace
All One in the same
I’m too upfront to front
Lord forsake those who placed h*#$ before the dough
Cause the dough will bring the h*#$
And the h*#$ will make it all go
All I need to know - I can sow
Don’t need that Bachelors
I gotta a talent to impact the masses
Life tests bring out my best
A rhyme writer
I place it to music for ya'll feel
The greats narrate the times with insights
What I think about life:
Never worry what they say
Live it to the fullest
Money rules
Virtues direct 
Watch out for gimmicks
Always command respect
Preservation - that’s the law of the self
The world ain't nice but if it doesn't scare you
Then it ain't worth your time
I take in stride all of life's vice
It took a lot of toil
A spirit that never folds
I'm a wordsmith
I’m a painter of words
Check the visions I gleam:
Pristine and clean
From Epitome Perennial to HollowDreamz
I’m here to speak of what I know
A fraction of all stories ever told
They pay us visits repping God`s image
We’re all one in the same
In the eyes of aliens
Visiting folk of different ages
At different times
During different stages and social placement
Take it as a sign
From ice caps melting to our environment disintegrating
They come to warn about our slipping
Gasses fill the sphere of where we're living
And they too are becoming victims


Good God at what I saw
A phenomena
Scared to death
Frozen in my step
Could it be? 
Why, yes
Just ask Ariel and her kids what this is
Three Greys 👽 on my porch late one night
Near a bag of popcorn
Copped after having watched a drama
The truth is stranger than fiction
Cause the truth is way more alarming
Girls and guys from the first world to indigenous tribes
Sharing stories consistent throughout times
Witnessed by sound minds
Hard to believe
But to me the trauma's plain to see
Visions I had never seen
Intimidated by the power of the night
By the power of their Light
By my own limits for having not fathomed their existence
`Til I witnessed it in sight


I got a vision with a focus
And a hustle to make you notice
And when the going gets tough
I just trust
Inhale the wind gust
I’m inspired through love
A work of God to reach my full potential as a star
First for myself then my moms
Her doubts propelled me to the stars
A heat spitting triple-trophy reminiscing
Renaissance Arabic award winner
Working harder now than I did in the beginning
From stock investing to soaking books with information
I got the know-how to be a cash cow
Peep me at my peak
I overstep demons impeding on what I reap
Wisdom jewels—I cruise through
Put them into words to give to who - who else
And if they f%^ with me then the rest
And to the youth
No matter what the test
Know: things can get better
Never settle
Live your truth
Setup goals as stepping stones toward where you want to go
Then risk to get
Sought after: projects with concepts verbalized with drama
Made of content to fortify ya mind
Your best bet’s to place a bet on this G for a genius
Glorified in time
This is: back against the wall
Sprouting every time I fall
Receiving looks like I deceive
Two words: I believe.
Planted roots to branch city to city
To national 
Was once a little rascal
Now a rapper dappered-down fashionable
With a mind like Pascal
For greatness lies inside of thought
I’m reaching for the crown
Who would have thought but those close
Cause I kept space from foes to maintain my proper focus
Room filled with medals
Quick to settle doubts of my athletics
Graceful with a groove
Always knowing I was special
A man about mine
My word against the truth?
I take the truth every time
Recoup the bruise with a courage
Unequaled by the common people
They take it as a flex but I give to help the rest
How else to live but to be your best self
IT put me through hell
So much so I had a brother thank me for making him feel well
Now I wonder how I make him feel
Tried the music
Saw me doing it
On par with stars who proved it
A fly up-and-comer putting all at stake
To earn a place in this game
And make a name with the greats

Precious Time


Was once torn between my heart and following the norm
I chose the path with least regret
The most tough to live
Cause comfort kills the flow of the kid
"Get it while you can", said my inner man
On the prowl for the lavish
When feeling down I touch the ground and praise the ākhir  
I organize my life
Chase prosnever h*#$
Chase goals—rarely chase the dough
Cause if I’m proper with the flow then the knot will grow
you know


My Umi told me, "be a realist"
I said, "I am, I guess you're just not seeing this"
The Salloum in the flesh and bones
I'm reaching for the stars
Enticed to ball
Inclined to spit that raw
I give this game my all
I’m unafraid to fall cause limitless
I place my focus on Allah
We're only here for a sec
It’s what you make it
So don’t second guess
"Take a risk, kid"
My wise conscience spoke inside my head
And I believed


Starry Eyed


Blessed by God with talents unmatched
And that's a fact
From playing sports to ripping raps
I pave a lane no matter the game
Lames wanna compare but on a different plane
So no comparison
She`s got that nature
Elegant and peculiar
The one I could spend my life entire with but unwilling
Cause my dreams may diminish if she's willing
I’ll just flip the script
Mesh her with my lyrics then go about my business
Never felt the type love before
A fifty year-old lady felt for me when she fell for
On the text sending nasty pics
All she wanted was sex but uninterested in giving her d!&#
I want a houri
One who can vibe with the same level as the kid
But every time I think I found her
She ends up being flounder
I give attention and lose time
My aim to be a king is slipping to the side


I live that life intriguing
Regal is the feeling
Purpose is the reason
I’ll never be defeated
For every project is a sequel to a prequel
I aim at spots never reached before
I do it for the people
Who've been shot and killed for morals and principles
Abductionees with stories buried beneath the soil
But heard across the globe
Like it’s been seen, read, and heard before
But still they ignore
I’m knocking at the truth's door
What will it be in the 22nd century
Cops popping pops
Crabs in barrels gridlocked
Lost souls in the box locked
Willy-nilly the response
Kings and commonwealths plotting plots to reign supreme
Commonwealths and kings foiled by plots to terminate their reign
Bless the hand that gave the blow
Some would say "just" was the cause
But what’s Love when both food and liquor make up God
Come on ya`ll


A jack of suedes encompassing all styles 
All the while keeping it G
I’m universal in appeal
How many dimes slipped through the hand of mine
How many did I
Having heard their grime through the grapevine
Just to reminisce with a trip to Paris
When I’m rich with the miss who slipped my grip in 2010
But check the game
Cause the man has all the right to slain 
F%$&* with his food, cash, or his dame
Certain things don't change
Is the love real? 
Or her body-clock convincing her that the time is near?
Is she the one to be the mother of my son?
Or am I copping for copulation
Like the ones I chased at Mason
Feeling cornered if the former
Cause intent on doing me
Chasing dreams
But in want of a Queen to have my back when the times get mean
My self-respect commands the same opposite in sex
Save the double-edge ⚔️

Energies and rhythms
The Salloum on the mic
Young Rap Millionaire


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   Starry Eyed  — Merked Out Beatz

Suleiman Aloul — performer | executive producer | lead vocals | writing | recording | essayist | art direction and design
Engineering (Mixing/Mastering) — Matrixaudio | LANDR.
Recording Studio — Shure SM7B | Scarlett 2i2 | Reaper DAW.
Features — John E Mack | Ronald Reagan | The Oprah Winfrey Show | US Navy commercial | 'Experiencers' John E Mack Documentary | The Pleiadians Message to Humanity.
Front Cover Art — Red & Violet, courtesy of Lynne Morrell
Back Cover Art — created by Veepu Eco
Lyric Video Productions — created by Sherzael25 (Sherza)

Released: July 1, 2019

    Label: Rap Millionaire Records LLC
    Formats: digital download

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